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34 Weeks - I am depressed or losing my mind ?

Im 34 and half weeks ( yes I count half of weeks cause that makes me closer to my due date) .... I feel like I am losing my mind!  Let me start by saying I know im very lucky to be able to get pregnant as some woman cant and I know its a blessing ... but I am so over this ! I am never in a good mood anymore, Im over the aches and pains that just get worse and worse. I have no idea how im going to last 6 more weeks... I feel like im beginning to lose my mind and starting to feel bad for my husband because ALL i feel like I do is complain . I am just so over this and want to feel normal again, everyday I dread... i dont know if its my hormones or im depressed or what but I AM OVER IT !
Okay rant over .... thanks for listening 

Re: 34 Weeks - I am depressed or losing my mind ?

  • Nah, you're just pregnant. I hate being pregnant too, it's not exactly fun times. 
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  • I would talk to your OB about it and see what she thinks honestly.  It's only going to get harder before its gets easier again.

    I am not suggesting this will get your LO here quicker, but rather have your OB looking to see if it is depression or just normal. Maybe she will have to talk with somebody or prescribe something for you.

    I am coming up on 33 weeks with my 2nd and feel like I have been hit by a mack truck, I am uncomfortable, not sleeping well, and feel a ton a pressure down below which is nothing like I have experienced with my last pregnancy. I try to remain optimistic and realize that I am down to single digit weeks, I am in the 3rd tri, nearly at 50 days or less and to know the end is near keeps me going.

    Nobody said it would be easy, and nobody prepared me for challenges I have encountered the 2nd time vs. the first, but then again everyone is different.
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  • I feel the same way..
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  • If it helps, I never experienced that glow and surge of energy you're supposed to get in 2nd tri. I've felt bleh pretty much since i got my BFP and its only getting worse now. Hang in there! It's only temporary!



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  • Hang in there.

    Anyone who tells you at 36 weeks, they're still walking around, full of energy and feeling great is either delusional or high on crack. ;)

    The end really sucks.

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  • And then the first two weeks PP REALLY suck, and then you are OK again.
  • I agree!  I love feeling baby move, but other than that pregnancy has been nothing but sickness and pain.  I, like you, know how lucky I am to be having this baby and I would do it all over again. I hit 30 weeks tomorrow and I am looking forward to just getting baby here!

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  • I'm right there with you! This is my second and last pregnancy and it has been hell on earth. I have thought more than once I wish we had never tried for another baby. I feel terrible and have since about 6 weeks along. I was very up front with my doctors and they said the following FIRST you are growing a human life and it's a LOT of work, SECOND pregnancy hormones can make you feel things you didn't think you would feel, and THIRD this too shall pass and things will be better but all you can do is hang on. Don't feel bad for wanting to be done. I'm 37 weeks and every day I get closer to my due date I'm thrilled. It wasn't like this with my first LO but the physical and mental stress have just worn me out. No matter what anyone tells you there's nothing wrong with feeling how you do carrying a baby is a hard job!!!! Hang in there :-)
  • awc1986 said:
    If it helps, I never experienced that glow and surge of energy you're supposed to get in 2nd tri. I've felt bleh pretty much since i got my BFP and its only getting worse now. Hang in there! It's only temporary!
    Thank you for sharing this!  I feel a lot like Anna, but didn't have anything to contribute (but I know how you feel lady, we're almost at the end!). But I felt kind of gypped that I didn't get any energy or whatever in my second tri. and I'm glad to hear I wasn't alone in that.
  • Everytime I get down about how I'm feeling, I remember the awful nausea In the first trimester...blah!!! I would gladly take this uncomfortable stage over that again!
  • i understand!  i used to feel so good about how good i was feeling (no morning sickness, etc) but now that i'm 33 weeks i'm just tired.  i'm always out of breath, i breathe like Darth Vader.  I'm always tired because i wake up to pee every hour and a half, and just getting up and out of the bed is a huge production as i have several pillows to move and rearrange.  Add to that the back pain, annoying bh contractions, and severe acne and i'm over it!!!  Today when i was driving my ass was hurting.  Everything hurts lol!

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  • It's normal. You're getting to the end and it's frustrating :)
    However having a 34 weeker isn't fun. I have one :)
    1st loss 8/31
    2nd pregnancy -TWINS lost DD1 twin at 8 weeks 6 days DD1 born 6 weeks early
    3rd pregnancy- TWINS AGAIN lost both babies at 9 week appt
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    5th pregnancy- CP in June
    6th pregnancy It's a BOY

  • So many of us feel your pain!  I sailed through the 3rd tri with my first (at least I remember it that way, lol) and this second time around is soo much more difficult, uncomfortable, and tedious.  Just do what you can to get through these last few weeks, there is a beautiful baby waiting to meet you at the end!  And as PP said, I mean, we are actually growing living, moving human beings in our uteruses (?) and that's pretty cool, so there's that!
  • I totally hear you. What helps me a ton is to write down all of my thoughts and emotions into a blog, with no filter. I did it with my first pregnancy as well, and it was amazing comparing my memories to what I had written in the moment. It was just so clear how skewed my views were from the hormones/discomfort at the time. My DH loves to tell the story of when he was suggesting he move his clothes to our guest room so that he could get ready in the morning without waking me after having to get up all night with our newborn, and I started sobbing and accusing him of not loving me and wanting to get away from me. It made sense at the time, but after I wasn't pregnant anymore, I was able to laugh along with him. Once your hormones calm down and you aren't so uncomfortable, this all becomes a distant memory and your brain will actually trick you into thinking it wasn't as bad as it is - another reason to write it all down now! I swear, I had memories of nothing but gentle loving baby kicks and feeling maternal the first go round, and this time I think I have a flying trapeze artist in there who can only practice from 9pm until 2am - I'm going nuts! Just imagine fuzzy warm sweet smelling baby head, and your whole job will be to love up on it, in just a few short weeks. :)
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  • Not a huge fan of being pregnant either, could you go get a massage or maybe a pedicure? It sounds like you need to do a little pampering :-)

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