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Babies and jet lag... Advice!

My 7 month old son has not slept well since he turned 4 months. We were just in the USA for 4 weeks and returned home to Australia 4 days ago. 4 days later And I'm not seeing any improvement with jet lag. I thought we were over the worst of it but last night he barely slept at all. While on vacation, I actually had to sleep train the second week because it had gotten so bad with no sleep. This lasted a week since the 3rd week we moved to visit another family member. I don't really know how many days is acceptable to allow these bad sleep patterns. I'm not keen on sleep training too soon. I think it could be cruel to sleep train when he is jet lagged. I've allowed a lot of night feedings now and we are back to me doing some serious rocking to sleep. What's your advice?

Re: Babies and jet lag... Advice!

  • Yea it took my dd a good week or 2 to get over jet lag at that age, good luck and hopefully it will pass soon
  • Our jet lag was less severe (US to Europe), but it took DD a good two weeks to get back to her routine, so I'm afraid I don't have great advice. I gave her about a week doing night feedings pretty liberally, then tightened the screws to only feeding her once at night after that and eventually she then started STTN again.  

    The one thing we've started to do that's helped our sanity a lot is to book baby sitters for the two days after we return. That way if she's up half the night at least we can take a nap during the day!

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  • I've been told to give it a day for each hour of time difference. When we moved to the Philippines I was told it would take about 2 weeks to adjust fully.
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