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First time NOVA mom looking for OB/hospital advice!

Hi Everyone. Im looking for a little help. Im 5 weeks along and looking for an OB. As first time parents this whole process confuses us. This may sound stupid but I honestly dont even know what im looking for. Do you find a doctor or a practice? From my understanding it seems pretty normal to find a practice and what ever doctor on call is the doctor that will deliver. Am i right with that? Then i guess the first step is to figure out if we want to deliver at Reston or Loudoun. They dont give tours this early do they? So how do you figure out which hospital you want to deliver at? My family doctor is in Arlington and really wasnt much help. She just kindof acted like i should already know about this. I just stayed with them because we only moved a year ago. But now that we are in Ashburn VA i need a closer OB. Does anyone have a good practice to go to? I have pretty common insurance so most places take it. I guess im just looking for any guidance/assistance you can give. I dont have family or many friends with babies in this area so i dont have many people to turn to. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks everyone!!

Re: First time NOVA mom looking for OB/hospital advice!

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    Inova hospital is the best IMO. There is a group called move group for women you might look into
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    Fairfax OBGYN Associates are amazing and they have offices all over the NOVA area. They only deliver at INOVA Fair Oaks though. I had my daughter there 14 months ago and absolutely loved the experience. I'm due in October with my second and will be there again. 

    As for the other two- I have had many friends who have delivered at Reston and had great experiences there too. A lot of times it will depend on your OB where you deliver. You should start by finding an OB then go from there.
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    I worked at Reston for 5 years and everyone (strangers and friends) always raved about their maternity ward. Great staff and all private rooms...I'm not for sure, but I don't think Loudoun has private rooms. I am also 5 weeks and felt the same way, so I asked a few doctors that I know from work and they all recommended Dr Speyer, Dr Barrett, and Dr mandolesi. They have an office in Sterling and at the Hospital. I have my first appointment on wed. I will let you know how it goes if you like.
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    Dr Barrett did my delivery and she is FANTASTIC! she partners with my OB womens health in sterling. I would switch to her practice if I didnt love my PA.
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    Just posted about Loudoun Community Midwives on another thread. I love them They have three offices in Landsdowne, Leesburg and Ashburn. They really listen to you and provide wonderful information and support! I'm going there with number two because I just loved them during number 1! :D
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    I go to Loudoun OBGYN and like them.  There's 5 doctors and a midwife and you rotate through them with your appointments and you get whoever is on call during delivery.  They deliver a Inova Loudoun Birthing Inn which is really nice (and right down the road if your in Ashburn!) and everyone has private rooms that are quite nice.
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    Anyone with Kaiser healthcare want to discuss options?  (I'm a first timer due in Feb 2015.  Excited but clueless.).  Do most OB's and/or hospitals take all major insurance companies?
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    I have Kaiser.
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    I'm in Arlington and looking for the same thing! I need to find an OB for my first ultrasound/testing at 8-10 weeks. Glad to hear good things about Inova in Fair Oaks. That's not too far. I saw some reviews for Virgina Hospital Center, which is super close to me, but they were not great. I'm also looking into the Midwifery program at GWU.
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    I just delivered at Inova Fair Oaks early June and had a great experience. I used midwives at Fairfax Obgyn and hospital staff was great! Very helpful and supportive
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    About women have an office in Lorton and Woodbridge and they are nice and friendly there too :)
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    Had my baby 2 weeks ago at Fair Oaks and it was awful.  Waited for 2 hours in the waiting room when I arrived before they could get me in a room.  I had 5-6 different nurses during the 9 hours  I was in labor all of them had their own opinions and thoughts on what my labor experience should be.  They kept telling me they didn't have enough nurses and I never felt safe. Renee was the most amazing nurse but she was only my nurse for an hour before someone else took over.  My doctor almost missed the delivery.  After I had the baby they forced me to breastfeed, wouldn't let my family come see me or the baby and took forever to get me pain medications.  The postpartum nurses were much nicer and attentive but pushed me out the door at 11 because they started a new thing where patients had to go home by 11am so that they could reduce the number of nurses they needed during the shift.  I really needed help breastfeeding but was told I had to leave.  Inova Fair Oaks was highly recommended by friends and family but I was very disappointed with my experience.  Maybe next time I will go to Alexandria.  
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