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I posted a couple days ago about getting a new diaper bag, and I appreciated all your advice. I've come up with some options, but am paralyzed with indecision. Does anyone have any of the bags below? Thoughts?

I am looking for a LARGE bag (larger that my JuJuBe BFF) that is easy to keep organized, ideally is lightweight and can be carried multiple ways (at least crossbody- backpack is a plus). I'd also like it to be cute! I am a disorganized person by nature, so I like easy to access pockets (even zippers can be a problem!) 

Amount of pockets I want, but both look like they could be heavy: 

SoYoung: Charlie:

Lightweight, but maybe not enough pockets/structure: 

Great reviews, seems to have what I want, but don't love the color options: 

Somewhat lacking in pockets, but is lightweight, so maybe?: 

Extremely lightweight and converts to backpack which i love, but is it ugly? I can't decide: 

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Re: More Diaper Bag Advice

  • I love my OiOis. I've had my Carry All for over 2 years...I like the fact that it's wide and you can get to things easily. I also like that it has good sized pockets on the inside and you can use the changing mat as a divider. It's made really well similar to a Coach purse. It also has outside pockets for sippys and bottles, as well as things like your cell phone.

    Anyways..this is the one I'd like to get:

    This is the one I have:

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  • OK so I'm in the minority on these boards because truthfully, I don't like fancy diaper bags.  I've had a couple of the pricey ones and whenever milk spilled, I was sick over it!  This time, a friend is giving me a 31 bag that I can also use as a purse- that's all I need.  But my best advice is to go to Target and buy a Backpack- not an expensive one but one that does have the laptop section inside the main compartment and has netting bottle holders on the outside.  We use our backpack for travel ALL THE TIME.  That laptop section is perfect for protecting an ipad or a portable dvd player and I like that it has the zipper pockets for little things like pacis and hand sanitizer but there is still plenty of room in the main section for extra clothes, diapers/wipes, etc.  Plus it's hands free for going through security with a baby/toddler and it's generic enough that either myself or DH can carry it comfortably.   






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  • I have a Coach diaper bag and I love it. DH refused to carry my bag so ,like pp said we just got a really nice backpack with plenty of pockets in it from Target as his diaper bag and it's probably more convenient than mine.

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