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breastfeeding, running and NO energy

I'm EFB and starting runnning again around 4 weeks ago (LO is 11 wks)Mileage is very low 10-13 miles a week and 3 minutes slower than my normal training pace. I really feel like I am in no way overdoing it. I've run a couple full marathons in the past and stayed active throughout my whole pregnancy. Ive also been eating well but haven't cut calories. Problem is that for the last couple weeks I am SO tired!! By the time LO goes to bed I am completely wiped out! I've been getting sleep. I'm laid off so its not like I'm stretched to thin or anything and my husband is laid off too so i have help and support. I'm half tempted to take a pregnancy test because I haven't been this tired since I was pregnant. Anyone else experiencing this? I don't know what's going on!

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Re: breastfeeding, running and NO energy

  • Are you eating/drinking enough?  Don't forget right now you need extra calories when sedentary just to make the breastmilk.  If you're adding exercise in there also, you're going to need to increase your calories even more. 
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  • I really feel like I am eating enough and I drink 2quarts of water a day. Its like weird. Even days that I don't work out I feel this way. Its just all the time for the last couple weeks. I'm going to take a rest week and up my calories and see how I feel
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  • How are you sleeping?






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    I would agree that you may need to look at your nutrition intake. I swear by products from Isagenix. They have given me a lot of energy, less stress and more restful sleeps. I could let you know which products helped me if you'd like.
  • I've taken a break from running and still feel exhausted most days. I've been more conscious about making sure I get plently of nutrient rich foods. I sleep in spurts. Lo is 3mos and still rarely sleeps for more than 3-4 hours at a time. Very frustrating!
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  • Pay special attention to how much iron you're consuming. You may be anemic. A blood test can determine this.
    I too was really tired around this time after DD#1 was born (STM; DD#2 is 4 woks old). I attributed it to a couple of months of consistantly interrupted sleep. Plus I returned to work and my job was very stressful at that time. Do check w your dr thuugh. GL!
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  • I had similar issues after my DD was born and it turns out I now have a hypothyroid. You can always call your GYN for testing.

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