Whisking away baby

My first cs was emergency but they cleaned up my baby in the same operating room that I was in, took all his vitals etc and then he was given to me immediately and we wheeled into recovery with him in my arms.

Now I'm in a new hospital (and in the US instead of Canada) and they told me today that baby gets whisked away while they stitch me up and then is "usually" there to meet mom in the recovery room as long as everyone is ok.

I am already dreading the thought of not having my baby with me right away! They said DH can stay with either of us so I will send him with baby. It's making me extra sad that I have to have another c/s (I do not have a choice). Please tell me the time we are apart will go by quickly and it won't be that bad!! I really wanted immediate skin to skin and breastfeeding! Also, do you think a policy like this is set in stone?
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Re: Whisking away baby

  • Yes this is what is standard at my hospital. After I had baby I was able to see her then DH and baby were takin away to the nursary where he gets to help give the baby her first bath and watch them weigh, clean, dress. While I got stitched up and wheeled to the recovery room. About 5-10 minutes later DH joined me with baby and I was able to nurse and hold her.

    It's strange for sure waiting to see and hold the baby, and I thought I would feel left out not being able to see them bath and weigh etc. but my DH took pictures and video and i think it's a sweet bonding moment he gets to have with our children that when it came down to it I actually didnt mind.
  • I think it might depend on hospital and situation. I had my CS this December and baby was shown to me right away then taken by nurses to assess her in the OR where I could see everyhthing and then given back to DH who stayed with me so I could touch her and give her kisses. Once I was stitched up I was wheeled to my room and DH and baby came with me. Baby went to the breast (skin to skin) right away and after DH gave her a bath in my room with Nurse she was given to me again. I was so tiered by this point DH took her while I slept. My LO stayed in my room the whole time...never left my side. We were in hospital for four days.
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  • I just had a c-section, I was told that baby would stay in the OR but they ended up taking her to the nursery to weigh her etc. then in recovery my veins were collapsing and they needed to get I new IVs in and they couldn't, it was a mess! I finally just said stop, bring me my baby! (There may have also been a few tears), but they brought her in pretty fast after that. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want, unless it's for a health reason I doubt they will sway from mommas wishes!!
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  • Like pp have said it varies from hospital to hospital as well as from OB to OB. I just had a section 3 weeks ago today. I saw baby immediately, then the nurses and np took her to clean her up and assess her. This happened in the OR but in a separate warming room. After initially seeing her I couldn't hear her crying anymore and frantically asked if she was okay - then I heard my OB say open the door and I could hear her screaming!! DH was with her the entire time and a nurse had taken the camera from him and was snapping pictures like crazy. DH brought her back to see me and laid her across me (I was still tied down and getting out back together at this point). They then took her to the nursery to weigh her but almost immediately when I got in recovery the nurses brought her back and we nursed (or attempted to) and had skin to skin. We all went back to the room and stayed there until I was ready to let her go get her first bath and all of that. The time we were apart between the time she came out until when I said it was okay for them to take her for her bath was minimal.
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  • I really hate that there are still hospitals that do this.  It's so unnecessary.  I agree about asking when you get there.  As long as there are no complications, they may allow.  Unless the OR is just way too small?  Even so, I agree about being clear up front that you want the baby with you as soon as possible and tell the nurse that you are just going to keep asking until she is with you.






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  • Thank you so much ladies. I feel better hearing your experiences. I will definitely be demanding my baby!!
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  • This is pretty standard in many hospitals. The hospital I work in will hold baby up for you to see and bring him over to you, if he is stable, let you give him a kiss and then him and daddy go to the recovery room to get measured, checked etc. You can't really do skin to skin and breastfeed while you are being stiched up. It isn't that long and you will be fine.
  • I would definitely ask ahead of time. At my hospital, they handed the baby to DH while I was being stitched up, but as soon as that was done, they put baby on my chest and wheeled us to the recovery room together, and we weren't ever separated after that.
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  • I think this is within the realm of normalcy.  When I gave birth, DD was cleaned up in the same roo and DH brought her over for first kisses/ touches/ snuggles.  He then went with her to the recovery room and we met them there after the procedure was complete.  
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    Each time I got to see my babies right away--they cleaned them up in the OR, gave them to DH and he brought them to my head.  Then he went with them while they did the bath etc.  Honestly, the time it took them to stitch me up (both times) flew by….all the staff was chatting with me.  And each time the baby was brought to me in recovery within a minute of me arriving.
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  • Thanks guys. I guess I was just picturing my first csection on repeat but a new hospital brings new procedures. I'm still going to try to get that baby on my chest earlier hehehe.
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  • I didn't read all of the replies but when my twins were born they stayed with me and DH in the OR.  The hospital I deliver at doesn't have "Recovery rooms", you "recover" in your regular room.  In the OR they just wrapped the twins up and DH held them next to me.  When we were back in our room is when they did the cleaning, and everything else.  They could've stayed with me 100% of the time other than when having the circ if DH had stayed with me the first night (they won't allow you to keep the baby(ies) with you the first night if you don't have someone staying with you but you can keep them as long as you want).  

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  • I had an emergency section, and I got to see ds and give him a kiss afterwards but then didn't get to see him 2 hours afterwards. As they didn't bring him to the recovery room.. I made the mistake of not getting to know the procedures of section before I went into labor. I regret that. And won't be making that mistake again. If we do decide to do a schedule section I will be insisting that our baby comes back to me in recovery. As waiting 2 freaking hours is insane for a new mom w no word on how anything was going on
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  • My hospital gave my DS to my husband so I could see him while they were stiching me up.  Then they did all his measurements in my recovery room.  Also I was able to have skin to skin and nurse in the recovery room.  My hospital was very big on kangaroo care for breast feeding and were handing me my son to nurse while I was still hooked up to monitors in arms were still a little numb. 
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  • DS was late pre-term at 36 weeks when my water broke and 36 hours later I ended up with an emergency c-section. I got a quick look then they wicked him away to the NICU for a 3 hor observation to see if he was ok to come out of NICU. Hubby was allowed to go visit him and take pictures while I was in recovery but my DS was almost 6 hours old be the time I actually got to really see and hold him!!! they kept telling me he was on his way and then we would have to wait longer....I was still kinda loopy form the pain meds etc that they gave me but very upset and crying asking for my baby. It was terrible :( Hopefully this time since it will be a planned section things will go more smoothly but I am nervous as baby will be early again with a RSC between week 36 and 37 due to medical reasons. 
  • Thanks so much for sharing your experiences, mamas! I am going to talk to my doctor and see what we can do for a more natural experience. Shall report back!
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