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DD is ready for a booster seat.  She's 4, weighs 50 poinds and def. meets the height requirement.  Anyway, here's the issue.  We have a convertible car seat that converts to a high back booster that we keep in DH's suv.  We recently bought a high back booster that converts to a no back booster.  After assembling it, I noticed that it doesn't have a latch.  I know the car's seat belt is what will safely hold DD in place.  Do you have a booster seat with or without a latch?  If you don't have a latch, do you keep the booster seat buckled even when your child's not in it so it doesn't move?  Help :-)

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Re: Booster seat

  • My 6 and 8 yr olds are in high back boosters and that is what the seat belt is for :) no latch needed with these. while I do not buckle the boosters in when the boys are not in the car, the seat belt is placed through the shoulder strap of the seat which cannot be easily removed.
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  • I'd be careful - even though she meets the seat's requirements, does she meet the maturity requirements they don't make as well known?  A seatbelt allows her to move, bend, slump, twist and lean unlike a harness and she can't do any of those things even if she falls asleep.  
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