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throwing food

my little guy is almost 20 months and he throws food forks and whatever else he gets his hands on.  I try taking his food away for a minute or scolding him but it doesn't work he just laughs.  tell me this will end soon i hope.  my daughter never did this.  Is it a boy thing?
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Re: throwing food

  • Nope. DD had a throwing phase too. I told her MANY times: if you are all done, give me the food. Now she hands it over to me and puts it back on the plate. Some progress there, but it is not perfect yet :)
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  • DS does this on occasion but I noticed that he usually only does it if I'm paying attention to what he's doing. I would see him getting ready to drop food and I would say don't do it and he would smile and instantly throw the food. Now I pretty much busy myself in the kitchen while he eats in there in the highchair. He doesn't have an audience watching him eat for him to gain attention by throwing food. He thought it was so funny to see my reaction when he threw food.
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  • Perhaps try putting him at a small kids table with your dd for dinner...
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