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Intro, 1st time on this board

Hi other mommies! Today is my first day looking at the parenting over 35 board, so I thought I'd better introduce myself. I joined TB in September, had my DD on 11/15 (at the age of 36), so I've been spending time on my BMB and the Babies 0-3 boards, but am always looking for good advice from others! Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

Re: Intro, 1st time on this board

  • Welcome!  I am new here too.  I wandered over after being on the Preg 35+ board. It seems to be a slow board but maybe with some new-comers it will pick up a bit? 

    I too had a baby in November and so did Guennie.  My son was born on the 21st and Guennie's daughter was born right around Thanksgiving.

    Hope to hear from you again!

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  • Thanks @geeps2! I check some of the boards throughout the day when I need a break from work, especially while pumping. Good to see some other N13 mommas here!
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  • Hope you and some others get this board kicking!  I'm looking forward to joining your ranks soon!
  • We have to start recruiting on the PG over 35 board lol.  Can't wait to have another member move on over :) 

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  • Welcome to the board and congratulations! I'm usually better about checking the boards but we are in the process of moving to another state so things are a bit stressful right now. I had my daughter on Thanksgiving, she is the best thing ever to happen to me after five failures, I love her to death!! I do hope we can pep this board up a bit, I was disappointed it was so slow.

    How has your pumping experience gone so far? I've had a really hard time- low supply, lots of discomfort and 2 bouts of mastitis already. It hasn't been fun. :(
    Me:41, DH:41 Positive for MTHFR mutations- one copy C677T, one copy A1298C. One daughter born on Thanksgiving in 2013. Six losses.
  • I can't imagine moving with a baby! I have a hard time getting my day to day stuff taken care of, so I'm sure trying to pack is a ton of extra stress!

    Pumping is going ok...not great. I have enough if a stash that LO gets a few ozs at each feeding while I'm at work. I did just start mothers milk tea and am waiting on some fenugreek I ordered to arrive, so hopefully that helps increase my supply as well! I've never paid this much attention to my boobs!
  • Pregnant at 36 with my first!! Hope all keeps progressing well!!
  • Congrats @Budweiser77! I also had my first baby at 36! How far along are you?
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