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OB in knoxville?!?

Hey! My husband just got a job at UT Medical Center and we will be moving to knoxville around mid-may. I'll be 7-7.5 months pregnant at the time and am looking for a good OB. I've never been to knoxville before and am totally lost!!! Any help is appreciated :)

Re: OB in knoxville?!?

  • I'm in Johnson City now, but was in knoxville my whole life til 2 years ago. The BEST ob/gyn I ever had was Dr. Paige Johnson and she's at UT Med Center. She's amazinggggg!!

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  • Thanks so much!
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  • Women's Care Group at UT Medical Center. Dr. Johnson is there and all their OBs are fantastic. Dr. Shirk delivered DD and he was wonderful. I also work at UTMC and since your husband works there, your hospital stay with be extremely discounted if you deliver at UT! It's pretty fabulous.
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  • Dr. Kathleen Edmunds at St. Mary's/Physician's Regional Medical Center. She is fabulous and knows her stuff! We would have lost or had a preemie with our first baby if it weren't for her knowledge and cautious care. I'm on my third baby with her and feel completely comfortable with her care, knowing that she is the reason for my healthy full-term babies.
  • I agree with Women's Care Group!! It is amazing I go to the one in Maryville which is about 15 minutes from UT!
  • Dr George Vick he is the absolute best OB i promise you will LOVE him!!!
  • fort sanders obgyn group is awesome.  I would not deliver with any one else.

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  • Fort Sanders OBGYN. I had my daughter there and have been going there for my regular check ups for years. I wouldn't go anywhere else. The only Dr. I WON'T see there is Dr. Kincaid... We didn't mesh well,lol. My fav Drs in that practice are Dr. Saunders (she delivered my daughter), Dr. Haney-Weaver, Dr. Himebaugh and Dr. Broady. If you want to stick to just one Dr. you can. Just specify when you make your appts who you would like to see. I've seen them all, they all know my history and know my daughter's name when I go in.
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  • Women's specialty care Dr. van Nes. She delivers and works at UT. Love her!!!!
  • Dr. Kincaid at the Fort Sanders offices (they have 2 offices).  They are wonderful, but I wouldn't change from Dr. Kincaid for anything.  He is awesome, caring, and understands that you may feel weird having someone down there.  He has delivered so many babies in my family.  
  • Women's specialty care. Any of them are great
  • If you have a loss history the perinatal center at ft sanders, I love dr roussis but ft sanders Ob/gyn is great too, I had been with them since I was 16. Great office!!
  • I'm also using Dr. Johnson at UT!
  • Dr brabson and. Libby.midwife . At St Marys hospital there amazing. I had my first there and there again. He's a high risk doctor
  • I 2nd Dr. George Vick as @lindseynotaro‌ said! He has awesome experience and is very knowledgeable. His bedside manner / rapport makes u feel so comfortable and secure. Give him a try, u won't go wrong!
  • I like Generations OB at Parkwest.

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    Dr. Roberts with contemporary women's health. They deliver at parkwest and I LOVE them!
  • Dr Brabson is excellent. He did everything most dr wouldn't do when I was at risk for losing my second son.
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