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Any pregnant mamas lift?

Just wondering how your weightlifting workouts have changed since you became pregnant.
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Re: Any pregnant mamas lift?

  • I'm still lifting. Although I didn't work out once last week.... :( I'm 18 weeks and just now having to modify my movements a bit. I've dropped my weight by about 15%-20% and II'm not breaking 90degrees on back squats and no more overhead lifts because my balance is off.
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  • I worked out all throughout my pregnancy. I did reduce the amount of weight I was lifting, and I no longer did any moves that required laying on my back, if I can remember correctly was around 16 weeks? But I continued with lots of lunges and squats, push ups and a lot of body weight exercises. Overall, I did what felt safe and comfortable to me. And when others voice their concern about how you shouldn't be working out, just tell them thank you and how your aware of what your doing. I know I got that a lot when I was pregnant. Drove me crazy! And just know that there will be lots of time to get back into your hard workouts after baby comes! Congrats!

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  • I'm still lifting... I've adjusted my flat bench to an incline.  There may be some more modifications as my balance changes and my belly grows.  For now, everything seems to be going great.  Just extra precaution and listening to my body.  Keep up the good work!
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  • Thanks ladies! I've been limiting my weights and taking a longer time between sets to not raise my heart rate too much but I don't have my first real appointment for another 2 weeks. I know I could call, but I just decided to take it easy until then instead of waiting around for a call back. I wasn't working out with my first child but after delivery my DH and I became gym members and have stuck with it for 2 yrs and counting. I'm excited about how this pregnancy will be different/hopefully better than my last.
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  • Just follow what your body is telling you and you'll be fine. With my first pregnancy, I lifted all the way through and only reduced weight during the last month to avoid pulling a ligament but not because the weight itself bothered me. 

    I just found out that I'm pregnant and today's workout I had to slow down (went running) to a slower pace than normal because I was exhausted. I'm sure that as the pregnancy progresses, I'll feel less exhausted and will be able to increase my pace again (at least for a little while until the bump gets bigger). 

    Don't cheat yourself out of a good workout simply because you are pregnant but do follow what your body is telling you; also make sure that you hydrate regularly.

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  • Hi! I'm a lifting enthusiast, five weeks pregnant with my first, and hoping to feel back up to my workouts soon. I've been taking it easy these past few weeks due to exhaustion & getting winded super fast, plus I've had frequent spotting, which makes me nervous about doing anything strenuous. Unfortunately my appetite has really revved up, so I'm worried about gaining too much too fast while I'm not able to work out as hard. I'm hoping that starting off with a good amount of muscle mass will help me not get too out of shape while I wait for the first trimester to pass.

    Happy lifting!
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  • I lift during my Crossfit workouts and am doing the same lifts but at a decreased weight. No set formula; just whatever feels comfortable. I stopped any max efforts. I stopped doing squat cleans and snatches and have switched to power and do the squat at the end. I look at the Crossfit Mom website a lot for recommendations too which has a lot of tips for lifting.
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  • I'm with @sosayweall, i modified my Crossfit workouts by scaling back. 25-35% on lifts until third trimester in which I cut back more, and modified my movements based on the Crossfit mom website suggestions.
  • I'm still lifting, though not as heavy (for me) and have modified a bit as needed as well.  I stillI do miss it but something is better than nothing.  I'm still lifting at a 10-12 rep max before failure though.


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  • I earned my spot on the "All time best" list for my weight class and division in powerlifting while pregnant... The only thing that changed is that I was told to not strain. Granted, a complication took me out of the gym entirely, but several competitive friends have all successfully lifted up to the time that they delivered. Above all else, the most important thing to do is listen to your body!
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  • Lindsaym5!Lindsaym5! member
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    I lowered my weights during second tri. With my body changing and stretching I was afraid of getting injured and then not being able to lift at all. I ended up dropping down earlier than what I wanted to because of it.
  • I am lifting heavy still, but will follow my body's cues as directed by the doctor.


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    All Welcome


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  • I continued to lift in my second pregnancy - I noticed before I even knew I was pregnant that I couldn't lift as heavy as I could just a few weeks before - it was my first sign of pregnancy haha. I did a few modifications as necessary, but I strongly believe you can keep doing what you were doing pre-pregnancy (just listening to your body and modifying as needed). :)
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