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bigger diapers than size 6

Anyone else in the same boat? My son will be 9 months in the 5th, and he is exhausting his size 6 diapers...what's next?

Re: bigger diapers than size 6

  • Hhmm. I'm wondering about this too but don't need them yet. T weighs about 24lb and 5's fit him good here at 10 mo. Not sure if he will be potty trained by the time he grows out of 6. Aren't there some brands online that have 7's? I know I will have to order 6's online. I'm just hoping he will be ready for pull-ups.

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  • He weighs about 28lbs last we checked. But the weight recommendations on the diaper packages have never applied to him. He was born 7lbs 9 oz and needed size 1's at birth. He just has more girth in his gut and thighs than most kids at his weight-since most kids weighing the same are older and leaner. He has also learned how to pull the tabs off and take his diaper off which is a hassle as well. Most stores sell 6's that we go to. Maybe once he starts really walking he will trim down a bit, but I'm not sure. He is a nice and sturdy kid. He's in 2t-3t clothes as well. 

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  • He rips on them and has a few times gotten the safety pins off. Even though I am fortunate enough to watch him mostly every day, 24-hours a day it scares me!

  • I'd look at other cloth options.  Diaper pins are pretty old school!  Ours have snaps.  To get a diaper off my daughter would need to undo 8 snaps (4 on cover and 4 on cloth diaper itself)...which are not that easy to unsnap.  Most also have Velcro options which could work. 

    Also put a onesie over the diapers so he has to get past that to even get to the diaper.

    That said, most kids will slow down and thin out when they get mobile so you may not need to worry!


  • My son was 2 yrs old the last he wore a diaper in a size 6 then thankfully potty trained alittle after 2. Your baby will change & lose some chunk as he gets more mobile.
    Ds was like 32 lbs in a size 6.
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  • We're in same boat our son is almost 11 months weighs 31 pounds 32 inches long ( all breastmilk & now table food) but is almost too big for size 6 & we love ampers always used them we order size 7 from website so hopefully they'll work better when they arrive!!!!
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