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allergy diaper rash relief - what worked for us

just wanted to contribute and help others - we had the burn like rash for over a week and finally found a product called iLex...seriously worked within 24 hours and we are still using it every day as a preventative. use ut with aquaphor to prevent sticking to diaper. it is kind of like a gluey shield that prevents the skin from the diaper contents. Wish we had known about it sooner as we bought all the other products and baby suffered the trial process. My MIL works in the NICU / PICU and that's what they use.

sry typing with one hand, lol!

Re: allergy diaper rash relief - what worked for us

  • Thanks for the tip. I authored the ridiculously long post below about my sons horrid rash. After a lot of time and effort it has cleared and we are keeping him on his very boring limited diet for a while to make sure it stays healed. Before we move forward with trialing any potential problem foods I may add this to our repertoire just in case.


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  • Diaper rash sucks. we didn't realize we were dealing with "special" diaper rash at the time and sat around for days (7 hrs at a time ) airing her out per pedi instructions. One night of this and her raw bum was finally given the chance to heal. We buy ours off Amazon... Good luck!
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