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Travel Advice please!!

Hello I'm a FTM and my husband and I are getting ready to take a trip home with our LO for the first time from Eastern Europe to the US (CA) he'll be 12 weeks at that point (8weeksnow). Some tips to make this trip as smooth as possible will help! From how many diapers to what I can request from an airline ! Thanks!

Re: Travel Advice please!!

  • Use a wrap for theairport. Call the airline and request a bulkhead seat with a babycot. Carry the diapers/ wipes in smaller bag for easy access.
  • We traveled from Ukraine to Thailand with DD when she was 10 weeks and it was the easiest trip we've taken with her! At that age they're more likely to sleep the entire trip.  I second the recommendation to use a carrier at the airport (we didn't even bring the stroller) and request the bulkhead/baby cot seat.  Also, I suggest packing a few pairs of clothes for LO and a change for yourself in case of an accident or missed connection. My rule of thumb is at least 10 diapers (more if you can, again in case you miss a connection, the last thing you want to worry about is buying diapers). 

    Also, if you don't yet have your  ticket, if its convenient, I looove flying through Amsterdam to the US.  They have a baby lounge with about 10 cribs each with a couch next to them and a privacy curtain.  

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  • I just traveled with a 7 month old from Australia to the usa and back again. I encountered younger babies along the way and they seemed to have an easier time. I had about 8 diapers in a baby bag and a few more in more carry on. Bring wipes, change mat, toys and cover up if you breast feed. I had a few changes of clothes in case of an accident but never had to use them. I also had a change of shirt for me in case there was an accident too. I recommend a baby carrier through the airport. I also brought children's Tylenol just in case. As others said, call for the bassinet seat on the plane and if you can brake the trip up a bit this should help. We stayed overnight in LA to regroup before heading to NYC! Overall our flight wasn't that bad. The hardest part has been the jet lag which I just posted about. Good luck and let us know how it goes!
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  • I do think 12 weeks is easier than when LO gets older. DD was 5.5 months when we moved and I didn't take much more than diapers and a couple toys. She didn't need much to keep her happy, well other than my boob. She nursed most of the way and didn't sleep a whole lot.
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    We flew from Western Europe to the US (tx) when DS was 8 wks over Xmas this year. Definitely try for the bulkhead - you should ask for a oct when you board and they can bring it after take off. We put our own blanket in the bottom.... Bring extra clothes for everyone. LO managed to have a blow out on our first leg of the trip covering both his clothes and mine. Also attacked the seatbelt :o ! If your LO normally spits make sure to bring extra burp cloths, too. Bring sanitizing wipes for the bathroom. I kept a gallon size ziplock and we would just carry essentials in to change him each time in lieu of the entire diaper bag (also this way if it got wet/dirty we could toss it) - I am a germophobe! I also sanitized our buckles/armrests/trays when we sat down. DH managed to drop a few things in the airline toilet on our many changes....!

    Breastfeed or give a bottle during take off and landing for ears. You can ask to pre-board with your infant (not always offered if there are lots of kids on the flight but if you ask they should let you) so you have time to put up your bags in a spot overhead that will be easily accessible in flight.

    Indispensable for us: a boppy. Whether sleeping, playing, or eating it is a lifesaver for that long flight!!!

    Also, I preferred having an aisle seat to BF so I could have his feet/my elbow stick out if needed.

    I also was thankful that I happened to wear a semi transparent blue scarf - when LO would fall asleep on me I could drape that from my neck and over the boppy to give him a calmer light/less sensory overload. Also used as a cover for BFing.

    If you are BFing make sure you stay extra hydrated.

    If you fly British Airways they will give you a children's flight log book, too :)

    Eta: bring some small plastic bags/a trash bag in case you have dirty clothes you need to pack away until you land...! I brought some of our diaper scented bags and those came in really handy...!
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  • TXSwissmiss: What was your experience with getting a passport for the LO?  We'll be moving back to the states when our little one is around 6-8 weeks old.   Just curious - thanks!
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    Our DD was born while we were living in Switzerland (we're now back in the US) and we traveled with her everywhere since she was about 6w old. Honestly, such young babies are super easy to travel with compared to 1yo or older. All you need to do is BF or FF and cuddle them. They don't need to be super entertained and will most certainly sleep a lot during the flight.
    Make sure to call your airline ahead and reserve a bassinet, bring a change of clothes for about every 2-3 hours of flight time, same with diapers. You can usually bring breast milk in bottles or bottles with water to mix formula - we did both. But if you need more the flight attendants will five you all the water yiu need. A couple i know even had the ladies heat up milk for them since their LO hated cold Stuff. Favorite blanket, lovey and a few bags for dirty/wet clothes. Our DD had a massive blowout that leaked all over my H's lap just after takeoff during one trip. That was not pretty... A baby bag can be typically brought in addition to normal carry on items. You can also gate check a stroller AND car seat (typically) and i would recommend bringing a stroller so you don't have to lug all your bags AND the baby on you as you're rushing throught the airport. You can always babywear, just stick the carrier under the stroller....
  • Is anyone else concerned about the babies not having their vaccinations yet and being on a plane with all those people?  Ours will be 4 weeks old when we fly from Paris to Chicago at Christmas. Just worried about pertussis and all those people breathing and coughing...

    Before we traveled we asked our pedi about any shots he should have before being that exposed. Other than that, it wasn't a big concern for her so it wasn't a big concern for me. I just made sure to always wash my hands !
  • Is anyone else concerned about the babies not having their vaccinations yet and being on a plane with all those people?  Ours will be 4 weeks old when we fly from Paris to Chicago at Christmas. Just worried about pertussis and all those people breathing and coughing...

    I'd keep baby close in a carrier if you're travelling before the first shots so that people can't touch/get too close to your LO. I do worry about these things, that's why we don't fly til baby has had first vaccinations around 2 months
  • Has anyone had to get a passport for their LO right away?  How long did it take?  
    it took us a couple of weeks - 3/4 i think? we took her in when she was about 2 weeks old
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