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I'm 34w5d today. I've been having BH contractions pretty heavy for 2-3 days. They're pretty much constant today. My animals have been acting funny this week. I woke up a few times last night with what felt like menstrual cramps, and I've had a pressure around my butt like I have to take a dump but I don't. And I just now almost grayed out at the natural foods store.

I know there's no way of telling if he's coming soon or in a couple weeks but I'm now starting to feel pitiful and freaked out.

Re: Contractions?

  • D'oh!  I hope he's not coming this early!  Have you checked with your doc?
  • Yeah they said to just chill out until the period-like cramps were regular. I haven't had any more of those since this morning. I don't feel very empowered or excited like I thought I would. Luckily my ex will be home in a couple hours and hell be here all weekend.
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  • Glad your ex will be home take a warm bath and listen to soothing music. Read a book in bed under a warm blanket. I understand how scary it can be. But right now i recomend trying to relax as much as possible.
  • I felt those for about 2-3 weeks before my water broke O.O

    Keep calm as best you can!
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  • I had them for a month. Baths do help though. Hugs!
  • ^^^ @LAMUEHLEN  No she doesn't.  She was making out with that new dude.
  • I know! My haleb loveing heart broke! Unnacceptable! Even worse in his spinoff show they are trying to force this relationship between him and a dead girl!
  • Oh man I don't know how I'm gonna survive if its a month. Already my ex is having to drive me exclusively and will probably also have to start caring for the animals and cleaning the house.
  • Stay hydrated that will lessen things
  • Nothing has changed the cramping, although it gets worse when I do stuff and sometimes also randomly. But it just doesn't feel like the kind of thing i can time. The pressure is the same in the vag and butt area and I seem to be taking more dumps. Oh and I can barely walk and I haven't gotten a walker yet.

    And my stomach seems to now have the general shape of gonzos nose. I'm 35 weeks today.
  • First i loooooove your tattoo its amazing! Second im sorry tht things havent gotten any better try calling the hospital again. Hugs!
  • That tattoo is awesome, just so you know. And I second calling the hospital again.
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  • Thanks guys! I'm waiting for a call back from my regular OB now. I threw up last night and now my lower back is sore. All my other symptoms are the same but there's no "I'm about to have a baby" feeling. I just wish they'd check me out so I'll know.
  • Er... you should be checked in before the "I'm about to have a baby" feeling.  I was in the hospital for a few hours before I told the nurse "I can't NOT push... I think she wants fresh air".
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  • Roxalot said:

    Er... you should be checked in before the "I'm about to have a baby" feeling.  I was in the hospital for a few hours before I told the nurse "I can't NOT push... I think she wants fresh air".

    This. I was told to come in for my weekley early, was dialated to three so they told me to come back to l&d in two hours. Went back in two hours i was at 3 1/2 i was admitted at 6 right before the anesthesiologist left for the day. I remember that because i demanded my epidural before he left. Anyways. I didnt give birth till 5:15 the next morning. So yes you shouldve been checked long ago keep us updated
  • Man! Yeah I don't know why they don't want to look at my junk. It's not at its best but that's what they do, right?

    The dr called back and said to call if anything new happens and if I don't get better by tomorrow to come in for him to have a look. He said there was something going around and maybe I'm just sick.

    Ill wash out the tub in case I need to use it I guess. And also the toilet maybe.
  • Least your doc isnt being a dick to you
  • Yeah he's actually really nice. I'm not dilated but I'm sick with some kind of gastrointestinal thing, plus Thor dropped down into a new position and got bigger hence the pressure and pain.

    He gave me prescriptions for fiorcet and some medicine that sounded like dicks or digs or something that's just unisom and b6. So maybe that stuff will help.

    My ex took me and was in the room for the exam which was a little awkward, especially since we had just resolved our huge fight on the way there.

    I thought I'd be disappointed because I'm ready to get him out of me, but I was relieved. I'd rather not give birth to my son right after an epic fight.
  • Glad to hear all is well. And glad to hear hes decided to stay cooking a little longer
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