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Fragile (or friable) cervix?

Has anyone been diagnosed with a fragile cervix this pregnancy or in past pregnancies? I kept having spotting and even heavier bleeding for the past week. Everything checked out great at my ultrasound yesterday, nice healthy little baby in there with a strong heartbeat so I feel very relieved. However, the doctor told me I have an extremely fragile cervix and I'm going to spot/bleed pretty much this whole pregnancy unless it calms down. I didn't have this with my last pregnancy at all.  When I try to google it (I know, I know... step away from the scary google), most things are about it being related to STDs and that isn't the case here. My OB said it is just one of those every pregnancy is different and my hormone levels might be making my cervix more sensitive this go around but I'd like to know more. If you had this before, did you end up on bed rest towards the end of the pregnancy?

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Re: Fragile (or friable) cervix?

  • When I had a fetal fibronectin test last pregnancy I bled horribly.  Everything was ok, but my OB says that with the hormones your cervix can be sensitive.  As long as you aren't passing clots or contracting everything should be ok.  I was never on bedrest for this and it stopped after a day.  TnP this does not cause problems with you.
  • I have an extremely "fragile" cervix.  Not only b/c of the cancer, but the surgeries/procedures I had during round 1 left my cervix damaged pretty hardcore(due to a dumbass crazy bish doctor), and surrounded with scar tissue. They watched me like a hawk last pregnancy.  While I did have to do pelvic rest a few times due to dangers with the length of my cervix, by the grace of God I did not have full bedrest.  I didn't end up having a cerclage last pregnancy, but I will this time since the cancer came back. 
    Obviously my situation is much different than yours, but there are many different things that can cause the cervix to become 'irritated' or 'fragile'.  Hang in there and just remember it's ALWAYS ok to call the OB or nurse if you are worried and have questions!!  That's their job!
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  • My last pregnancy I had sex at 16 weeks and bled horribly (bleeding was during, not after sex and was bright red and didn't stop for an hour or two).  I completely freaked out and went to the ER.  Sonogram showed the baby was perfectly fine and I was diagnosed with a friable cervix.  No history of STDs here either.  Essentially we quit having sex for the rest of the pregnancy as it was just too scary after that episode (even though the doctor cleared it, she said it might happen again).

    Each internal exam led to bleeding and if anything brushed up in that area I'd spot.  It was just extra sensitive.  I didn't have any major bleeding again though and the rest of the pregnancy was pretty smooth.  No bed rest or anything, but as I mentioned we avoided sex (which was insanely frustrating for me).  I hope my story helps some!

    I don't know if my cervix is friable again this time or not.  We've avoided sex so far and probably will until the first ultrasound next week.

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  • I don't know about the term fragile cervix but I'm diagnosed with an incompetent one . Not that it sounds any better. My cervix tends to dilate at 20 weeks on its own. I had to have a cerclage to get through my last pregnancy...... I'm planning on having one in a few weeks again.
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  • I guess mine could have been considered fragile, but probably more incompetent. I had spotting all through the first trimester, whenever we has sex, and after more internal exams. I was on bed rest for 13 weeks due to my cervix shortening at 24 weeks and dilating soon after that. I am not sure the two are linked, spotting and ending up on bed rest, but I guess it is good your Dr. is aware and watching you!
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  • I had a LEEP done in 2007 so last and this pregnancy have to be monitored by perinatologist to ensure cervix staying long and thin between 16 and 24 weeks. My last son was born on his due date so hopefully this one stays put too.
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  • emmylu30 said:
    I had a LEEP done in 2007 so last and this pregnancy have to be monitored by perinatologist to ensure cervix staying long and thin between 16 and 24 weeks. My last son was born on his due date so hopefully this one stays put too.

    I also had a LEEP, mine was last yr. not long ago at all. I haven't had many dr appointments yet but I'm sure it will be discussed at length,
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  • I was told I had an irritable cervix with my past two pregnancies and had some pretty frequent spotting and at times bright red blood. This time, nothing yet. 
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    I was so excited to become pregnant but a week after I found out I started spotting and it lasted for a week. That really freaked me out and I thought I wasn't pregnant any more. My Dr. reassured me and told me I had a friable cervix (a fragile cervix). Light bleeding can be caused by an exam, sexual intercourse or even day to day activities. I spotted just this morning from stretching in bed. After spotting it's good just to take it easy and have nothing enter the vagina for 24 hours so more irritation isn't caused. If the blood increases or has tissue in it I say call in and see your doctor. If you even feel unsure about anything call into your Dr.'s office, that's what their there for. 
    After all my research and talking to my Dr. I don't worry about it any more. Every ultrasound and exam shows baby is fine. Just try to relax and take it easy.
  • I had a friable cervix with DD1. When I went in for my 36 week appointment, they did a cervical check and I bled like crazy.  Like it was all over the doctor, floor, table, ect.  The rushed me to L&D because they swore I had placental abruption.  Everything checked out okay and I was sent home.  With this pregnancy, I bled during every cervical check, but not nearly as bad.  Enough to have to wear a pad though.  
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