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Another Daycare Question

I am due April 23rd, and putting my LO in daycare in August. I am looking for information now, but I have no idea what I am looking for. 
I have prices. There is one that is 1250, 1290, 1220, and 980 each one a month. Now, I can go on tours but I have no idea what I would be looking for or what to ask. . .help?
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Re: Another Daycare Question

  • 1. What is their sick child policy?
    2.What is their discipline policy?
    3. What is their child care philosophy?
    4. What is their daily schedule?
    5. What types of activities do they do with the kids on a daily basis?
    6. How are you notified of issues during the day? (feeding, napping, boo boos... etc.)
    7. Security and safety policies

    Those are just a few suggestions for you to ask....

    When you go do a tour just pop in, don't tell them you are coming if at all possible. Look to see if the kids look happy, if they look engaged, and cared for. Does the daycare center smell clean, look clean, does it look safe? 

    Start with those and while you are looking around I am sure you will be bombarded with more questions of your own! Good luck!

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  • Honestly, you don't need to ask too many questions if its a daycare center. They'll tell you all kinds of things you didn't even know you needed to know. One thing I'd look for is that in the infant room, they make you take your shoes off before entering. This is a regulation that some daycares don't enforce and since infants are often crawling around on the floor/eating things on the floor, its one they really should.

    Are you looking at in home daycare or a daycare center?

    Some other things off the top of my head:

    1. Sick policy
    2. Are meals/formula/diapers provided or do you need to bring? Will they feed breastmilk?
    3. What kind of schedule do they keep for infants? Older kids?
    4. How long have the employees been there?
    5. Do children share cribs?
    6. What is their capacity for infants?
    7. How do they handle discipline?
    8. What is their late pickup policy (lots will charge you per minute you are late)?
    9. Do they charge for days you aren't at daycare? (If you find one that doesn't, you're lucky!)

    I found that the vibe I got from the director/employees was way more important than the answers to any of these questions, because most daycares will say "We'll do whatever you want" but they won't always follow through. 
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