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Complicated supplemented feeding question

Hello, my LO is nearly 4 weeks old. She is a very happy baby, and loves eating!
I mainly pump because she has 5oz per feed (for the last 2 weeks!) and I like to know she gets enough. I also supplement with formula, sometimes 2-3 feeds per day, and she has had no problem going from breast to bottle to formula.

The last 2 days, she has been very fussy, and seemed that sucking the bottle was causing her pain. I checked with my midwife, and she thought thrush (I have sore pink nipples, even though I maybe feed once per day, and baby has a nappy rash that is not healing), so we started both of us on treatment.

However, I have noticed that she will still happily have breast milk out of the bottle, no problem, but the formula, one suck, and she is screaming! Then does a very sad cry. She will happily suck the oral gel for her mouth off my finger, so now I'm wondering if her mouth wasn't sore at all.

Any thoughts? I just don't make enough milk to not supplement, but I don't want to force her to have formula either, seeing as she suddenly hates it! Formula tins are about $30 here, so I don't really want to try other brands if I don't have to!

Re: Complicated supplemented feeding question

  • Hey @tesskerr! Haven't seen you in awhile, but probably because of our birth month.

    Anyway, I would contact your pediatrician to get their input.  I supplement also, I don't think I make enough either and was concerned about building a good stash for my return to work.  I haven't had issues with the formula LO is on, but think trying another brand would be worth a try.  Did you get free samples when you LO was born?  I constantly get coupons from Enfamil, Similac and Gerber.  You might check their websites and see if you can sign up to start receiving them to lower the cost.  Good luck!
  • Hey @tesskerr  Been thinking about you - last I heard you were just starting labor!  Glad to hear your LO is a generally happy baby.  Have you considered switching bottles or going to a slower flow nipple?  Maybe the bottle is drowning her.

    Does the thrush seem to be responding to treatment?  Also did they culture either her diaper rash or your breastmilk to make sure it actually is thrush and not a bacterial infection?  Sometimes if the thrush isnt getting better it turns outit wasnt even really thrush.

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  • @mwhipple77 @bensmommy518 hello! I feel a bit bad a haven't been on our month board, I was enjoying it so much too, always such good advice! Unfortunatly, maybe because of everyone's end of pregnancy hormones, I was finding it becoming a stressful environment (for me) to be a part of, and my birth/after birth was very traumatic for me, and I have decided to have a wee break.

    However, in New Zealand, we don't have a whole lot of support! No baby dr, just our gp if they are actually sick. My midwife comes every 2 weeks. We also have a service run by nurses called Plunket, they visit as well, but New Zealand is very very pro breast feeding. There is no advice/support available with trouble with formula, and certainly no free samples!

    I didn't even see the midwife about the thrush, she just faxed a script to the pharmacy and off we went.

    We have only been on the treatment 12 hours, but I don't think it's the problem. We use same bottles and teats for breast milk and for formula. She loved both until yesterday, but all of a sudden simply refuses to even suck if there is formula in the bottle.

    I guess she has just decided she doesn't like it. I might have to make a trip to the upper market and see which brands have the single serve ones to try, I think there is only a couple.

    I hope you both, and everyone, are doing really well! I might dip my toe back in the waters of J14 soon...
  • Have you had your LO looked at for an ear infection? Formula has a thicker consistency than BM (at least for me) and your LO might have to suck harder to get the formula out as opposed to the BM, which may be causing pain. That is just a suggestion and I may be totally off, but its worth checking out. Hopefully everything gets better soon for you!

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  • Hey, girl! Glad to see you! Try maybe mixing formula and milk? My little guy doesn't really like formula either, but if I do 2 oz milk, 1 oz formula, he doesn't complain.
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