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Britax Stroller Recall

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  • :( oh no- this is the one product I was sure about getting!
  • The new models are fine, ant the fix for the models in question is very simple.
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  • Only pertains to strollers purchased before June 2013 I believe.  I have two and they were purchased August and Dec of 2013  so I think I'm in the clear.

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  • It is not like the stroller should be taken off your list.  It is perfectly fine and safe.  Just get the repair kit and you will be all set.
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  • If you haven't purchased it yet, any currently in stores are fine.

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    Also, (in the mean time) if you fold the stroller properly, it's not an issue. The injuries happened when people held the button and folded the stroller, rather than pressing once and then folding. (Not that it shouldn't be fixed, however ;) )
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  • The stroller is fine.  The recall was basically due to user error.  Regardless, it's great Britax did the right thing and is sending out repair kits at no cost. 

  • Mine was constructed 11/08/13 and is not part of the recall.

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