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So I finally told my mom last night that we were expecting.  I asked her if she had any vacations planned for the end of August and she responded back,"no, why."  Then I told her because we are having a baby and she screamed and cried at the same time on the phone. It was such an awesome reaction and even my younger brother (who's not so young at 28 anymore!) was excited.   She was very excited and happy for us and it made me tear up because somehow telling my mom made this more real to me.  We originally wanted to wait until we were 12 weeks, but have already told some people because they guessed (I have a tiny bump)  and I'm not good at telling white lies.  We are telling my dad in person over the weekend.  My husband told his parents over the phone a few weeks ago, and their reaction was pretty great as well.  It's starting to make this baby experience real. 

How did you parents and families react? 
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Re: Breaking the news

  • What and awesome reaction! My mom we told the day of our beta so she was excited but a bit reserved still. My in-laws we also told a bit earlier than we wanted to because we had vacation planned with them at 8 weeks and I couldn't hid the morning sickness. My MIL was happy but she's a quiet person normally anyway. My FIL is jumped out of his seat and started making plans for his grandbaby right then and there. It was pretty sweet:-)

    Congrats again on a great reaction from your family and especially your mom!

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  • We visited my parents over MLK weekend so we could tell them in person (I was 7.5 weeks, would have waited until 8-10 weeks but DH was dying to tell them).  They are ecstatic.  My family has had a tough year - my nephew was diagnosed with leukemia in September and 2.5 weeks later my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer - so they were desperate for good news.  :)  We told DH's Mom when we came back from seeing my parents (we had her pick us up from the airport so we could have dinner with her and tell her).  And her reaction was, "I'm gonna be a grandma, it's about time!"  So also ecstatic, but with that MIL "flair."  (To be fair, my parents have 8 grandchildren already - 5 from my sis and 3 from my bro.)
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  • Aww such a great reaction. .im planning on telling my mom when I hit 12 weeks. Idk how I'll say it yet tho. They live in MI and im in IL at the moment so thats a hard thing to accept that I wont be able to tell her face to face and hug her :( ...but im trying to make the most of it.

    I think ill tell her first about being pregnant, then get one of my aunts (whos like a 2nd mom to me) on 3way and tell them both about having multiples. Ill find out tom if ill be announcing twins or triplets lol FX
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  • Yay for telling your families...I dont know how you waited! I told my mom the dqy we found out. My family was so happy and all cried. My mom was hysterical. Feels good to tell!

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  • My parents knew we were doing IVF and knew when our first beta was, so I called them and told them (we live on different coasts). They were cautiously excited but it wasn't until the first ultrasound (and the news of twins!) that they got REALLY excited. They're both quiet people but it's easy to tell that they're really excited and happy.
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  • Great way to break the news, Skater!

    DH and I had gone on a trip with my parents before Xmas, so we have them an Xmas card from the baby with ultrasound pics. It was so sweet! My mom cried and my dad grinned! Later that evening, we called everyone else to share the news. My brother has been very protective.. He calls me now 3-4 times a week to make sure everyone is ok. It's very sweet!
  • I love it!!  We live 4 hours away, in another state, and my mom basically did the same thing, shouted for joy and screamed - and a few weeks later, when we told her we were having twins, she did it all over again.  Then, we revealed genders, we gave her two onesies from 'the babies' that said "I love my Grandma" - one blue and one pink.  She looked at me and said, "Oh, that makes sense, now I have one color of each no matter what they are."  So I stared at her for a second, and she started screaming and shouting for joy again!  She's already a grandma, but she's had to raise my sisters' 3 kids she abandoned 9 years ago, so now she really gets to just be a grandma.  
    My MIL is happy enough, but she hasn't had any grandbabies around since my stepson was born 18 years ago - so I think she's trying to digest going through it all again.  :)
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