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Is anyone else planning an at home birth?

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I'm going to have an at home water birth! I actually look forward to it, 
not the pains of labor and birth, but the thought of it being more intimate and relaxed.

Anyone else planning to do the same?


Re: Is anyone else planning an at home birth?

  • Yup, due this weekend so hopefully not much longer!
    My birth pool is sitting in the corner staring at me, waiting to be blown up and used:)
  • Yeap due in exactly one week! Birth pool is blown up and taking up the living room! Exciting times! 
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  • Meee!! Due end of May. I'm so glad we made this choice. I'm a super control freak so I definitely know the hospital isn't the place for me. At least as long as everything keeps going well. I'm excited. Also excited to finally tell those I've kept that little detail a secret from, after she arrives.
  • Me - second one actually and third baby. Due the first week of May!

  • Yeap due in exactly one week! Birth pool is blown up and taking up the living room! Exciting times! 

    I would be so tempted to fill it up and just take a big bath there haha
  • Not currently, but I've had 3 wonderful HB. 1 was a waterbirth. The water sounded like torture during J.'s birth. With A. though, it was amazing. I would have used it again with S., but there was no time to get it filled.

    Congrats and welcome!
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  • I will be doing this again! I had one with DD2 and lovedddd it
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  • Yes! Due feb 20 and really excited!
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  • I will be. I am due April 8th. I have had 2 hospital births and I'm excited to have the more intimate at home setting this time around.
  • I am too! Due early June with my 3rd, this will be my second HB and I am so excited to have another one. My first was a lovely unmedicated (I tried gas for about 3 contractions and hated it but that's it) hospital birth, no real complaints except that I hated having to stay in the hospital afterwards. My second was a super short (65 minutes) home birth and I absolutely loved being were I was comfortable. Can't wait to do it again in June! Congrats to all the other HB Mommas.
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  • Planning a home water birth and due on Saturday :)
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  • Yep!  Planning our 3rd homebirth.


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  • Love it! I am due in 6weeks give or take. This is my 4th home birth, but my 1st water birth. Super excited, it seems all I want to do is be in warm water, maybe its the Oregon winter, but a birthing tub next to the wood stove sounds purrrfect!
  • We're planning a home birth for August! 1st home birth, but 2nd med free birth.
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  • This may be a dumb question, but is a birth pool just a regular blow up pool? How do you get it out of the house once the baby is born?
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    We are! Due in October. 

  • klrozan said:
    This may be a dumb question, but is a birth pool just a regular blow up pool? How do you get it out of the house once the baby is born?
    The one we're borrowing from my midwife is inflatable. So it'll be emptied and deflated.
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    We are really hoping to be going that route with our first; due in October!

  • Yep, home birth planned around the end of June! 

    I had a good hospital experience but am really looking forward to avoiding all the discussions about declining "hospital policy" procedures like IV, newborn procedures, etc. Go HOMEBIRTH!

  • i did one its saves on money, and also my sister is a baby doctor so i had a nice non expensive birth    it was awesome! i also only was in labor for an half hour so yea. 
  • yes i just used a baby pool from my sisters basement  
  • I'll be having my second home birth with this lo. I had one in January 2013 and it was amazing! So looking forward to it!!
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  • I am planning a home water birth too! I'm due May 5th! It's my 1st pregnancy, and I'm really excited! I'll have more control over what goes on, and be comfortable in my own space.
  • I'm planning a home birth, hopefully water in May! Can't wait!

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  • Yup! Planning a homebirth for March. We're getting a tub so that we have the water birth option available, but if i give birth somewhere else, it's not a big deal to me. 

  • We are planning a homebirth in July, as long as my placenta decides to cooperate and move away from my cervix by then. My 20 week scan showed complete placenta previa (barely). I'm hoping it resolves, midwife isn't so confident. For now that's the plan though. My midwife has a tub that we can use. 
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  • We're planning a home water birth, due in sept. Anyone taking any specific kind of birthing class or anything? I'm looking into the Bradley Method and think being at the hosue with Husband as coach and support system sounds perfect to me.
  • Home birth here, due 09/15.  First pregnancy!  My midwife offers birthing classes that sound like a similar approach to the Bradley method... I think taking a birthing class definitely makes sense.
  • Yes, so excited to see so many of you fellow home-birthers.  I have six kids and my last 4 were all born at home!  DH and I took a Bradley class when we were expecting our firstborn and it was the best decision!  Even though I had not considered a home birth at that time (we were living with DH's parents) we were able to have a mostly uninterrupted natural birth in the hospital with a Dr. that agreed to and signed a birth plan. DH said that it was the Bradley classes that helped him to understand the birthing process in a way he would never would have otherwise and he became a perfect support to me and encouragement during labor.  I think it's very important for our guys to be informed and understand the natural birthing process so that they don't freak out when the time comes and can actually help us!  It was my DH that suggested we go the home birth route with #3, we had just moved out of the in-laws and had more freedom to make that decision, I was nervous at first but once I experienced it for the first time, I never wanted to go back.  It just makes the most sense to be where you feel the most comfortable, where the only germs you are exposed to are your own, and to be able to cuddle and sleep comfortably in your own bed afterwards---best feeling ever!  Excited for my 5th homebirth this summer!

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  • I'm planning an HBAC in May!
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  • I am having an at home waterbirth too :) This is my first pregnancy (due May 5), and I'm really excited! I know I will be much more comfortable and relaxed in my own environment. I still have to get my supplies and pool.
  • We're preparing for a homebirth as well! I plan to have a pool set up, at least, to labor in but I'm undecided as to if I want to give birth in it or not. I'll cross that bridge when we get to it!

    Due in June...and I'm so ready and excited! 2nd child, 1st homebirth.

    To the homebirth mommas that have already had their babies or are about to, I'd love to hear about your experiences!



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  • This is our third home birth and will be my second water birth, hopefully ;)
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