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IEP Update, Guidance

So my 3.5 year old was in 1/2 day special needs preschool for a speech delay.  In the past few weeks transitioned to full day preschool, added an OT at home 1x/week and 1x/ week at school.  He is scheduled for an ASD evaluation in February.  <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

I am meeting with his preschool teacher, OT and ST tomorrow for an IEP update-now that he has modified his school day. 

The OT offered to attend, since I told her I wasn't sure what to ask or what questions to research in advance.  I have since then done some more research on ABA, floortime therapy, and thought about how much ST/OT he is getting vs. what I would like him to be receiving. 

So, what should other questions should I ask, anything major I am missing?  This is only my 2x doing an IEP and I feel really unprepared. 

Should I be asking what other services could be offered, should he be given a ASD dx in the near future?

Any guidance is appreciated 


Re: IEP Update, Guidance

  • What caused him to switch to the full day program and add OT?  Only reason I ask, is that there is usually an initial evaluation that they base all service hours on.  Seems a little unusual to double the time and add a new type of service mid year?

    Do you have a copy of the new IEP to review?  I usually just go through and make sure I fully understand everything, ask about other types of services offered or techniques within a service area (like you are doing) and highlight any thing I disagree with.  Sometimes it's helpful to ask others or this board about 'typical service hours' based on his symptoms...

    Hopefully that helps!
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  • The switch was sudden and unexpected really, school said they wanted a parent teacher conference and then bam went from thinking my kid needed some extra help in speech to recommendations for an asd evaluation, and an for OT to start immediately. Overall my son does very well in the half day integrative classroom but the main reason for recommending the push to full day was that he needed more one on one ST and OT. This meeting is two fold, to ask those questions about WHY the rush, what did I miss from that initial conversation when I was overwhelmed and upset. And also, to update his IEP. I have the original copy, but it doesn't include any of the most recent changes. This meeting will be to request additional services, talk about how the current ones are going or modify. Honestly, I feel like one of two things us going on. That's my sons school is casting a wide net to ensure he gets what he needs, which is great, but I also feel like they have to fill a certain number of seats per room and I know quite a few kids transitioned out of the full day room mid-year. Or, they are just now some more severe symptoms that I don't understand yet or don't see as a problem at his age. I feel like they stressed the social piece too highly for his age, both DH and I are very introverted, have in home child care for both DS and DD, and honestly don't stress about playing with toys with their original intent and are overall quite reserved people. But, I don't want him to miss out on therapy he needs to be socially/emotionally/intellectually ready for kindergarten. Hopefully I will get some answers tomorrow.
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