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I swear to god, I have to tell my one co-worker to not ask about BD.  She doesn't ask very often.  In fact, she hasn't asked me since about Christmas... but it never fails, she asks me if I've heard from him and I'll tell her no and then later on that very day, I get a text from him.  He wants to come over tomorrow and FINALLY give DD her Christmas present.  Which, I am almost hoping, are 9mo sized clothes.  To which I can say "sorry bro, she's in 12mo now".  He let me know that the reason why he had not contacted me was that his car wasn't legal for driving or something. Which is funny because I know he was still driving that car anyway.  And as we were working out a time and day for him to come over, I was making sure the same time and day would work for my boyfriend.  BD and I made the agreement that he wasn't allowed over without my BF over too and its almost cute when he thinks I had forgotten that agreement.  The look on his face when he sees BF at my house is almost heartbreaking.  Or, well, it would be if he wasn't such a deadbeat.  I'm just really not looking forward to seeing him.  He mentioned he has another job, don't know what it is or if its legal (i.e. not selling drugs).

I sometimes feel like I attended the special olympics and picked out the bronze medalist.  Seriously, what the fuck was I thinking... 
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Re: AGH!

  • Is it like beetle juice for bds? I swear the same shit happens when ever someone asks if ive heard from bd.

    I also hope her Christmas present is clothes that are two small, or diapers that are two small. And i think its awesome you have the stipulation your bf has to be there. Ill have to rememberthat if bd ever wants to meet ds.

    Is it bad part of me hopes he blows this off so you dont have to see him?
  • That happens to me too. That's weird. Especially since most people I know don't know BD.
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  • @lamuehlen no, not at all, I hope he blows us off too. BF is a much better father figure than BD could ever HOPE to be. 

    @gamera3000 I wish less people I knew didn't know him, LOL, because every time they tell me what they remember about him when they met him, it makes me turn so red and I get so embarrassed that I dated him.  I mean, I can't brush off that relationship and pretend it never happened because I have DD from it, but god, sometimes I wish I could! LOL
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  • The few people who do know my BD will see him hanging around somewhere obviously being homeless and high on god knows what looking like Janice Joplin or Ozzy osbourne in 1967.

    I personally think he looks and moves a lot like Jack from the muppet movie.
  • Hindsight is 20/20 right? Haha. You have your awesome BF now! Sorry you and Harley have to see the DB though!
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    Throwing leaves <3
  • My best friend still sees bd and step mom since they live in the same town. She likes to tell me ive traded up since hes let himself go.

    I swear he was good looking when we hooked up! Now hes just fat. Ive seen pictures of his face so i know he actually is.

    I always feel awkward when it gets brought up bentley has bds mannerisms or his smile cause bd wasa great friend shitty coparent
  • My LO was making a lot of BDs mannerisms at the full anatomy u/s. It was a little awkward because my ex was there and he's known BD since grade school.

    I felt very sorry-I-banged-your-friend-and-am-having-his-baby at that moment.
  • @Gamera3000again we are the same person. Bd is xh best friend from highschool and they both turned out to be loosers. Oops. Sorry xh i banged your best friend. Actually not sorry.
  • @lamuelen lol! I'm glad I'm not the only one! When BD wanted to seriously date me I told him only if my ex gave his blessing. My ex said that he thought highly of BD and considered him a brother, but he thought it was stupid on my part because "you know how he is." Sigh.

    Now he's fortified the house with weapons and has been on high alert in case BD tries to mess with me or the baby.

    I asked my ex if he thought BD was so crazy because of drug brain damage or if this was normal for him. He said like Jim Lehey from TPB that he now IS the drugs.
  • Haha my xh is higher on the looser scale then bd. Bd can at least hold down a job, and is responsible with weapons. And he is much better looking his worst then xh at his best.

    Picture for proof. Xh is the one with a mohawk, bd is the one is the light blue tshirt
  • I don't think mine even got a medal :/


    K- born 7/5/2011

    G- born 6/24/2013


  • I think bd has two purple hearts? I could be wrong. Its been known to happen
  • @lamuelen that looks like an awkward family photo .com! Super lol!
  • Lol! Now when ever i see that picture this is what ill hear in my head. Kids this is the story of how i met your mother
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