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Childcare for SN kids

I just got a part time job and found a lady in town who will watch DS until summer. He just has a Gtube and some delays, so he's not a lot of work (to me anyways!) I'm curious if it's possible to use respite or a home health aide and run it through my insurance and/or private pay? I'm not sure the daycare in town will take him and I'm a bit nervous of sending him there anyways and picking up a billion bugs. Does anyone know anything about this?

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  • Several thoughts come to mind...

    1)  We have in home nursing care for our daughter who has CP and a G-tube.  She originally got the nursing care because when she came home from the NICU, she had a Trach, a G-tube, and Oxygen.  When we learned she had CP, our case manager said something to the effect, "Oh, then you'll never loose nursing, even when the trach is out."  Lily's trach has only been out for 3 months now, but so far that has held true.  When Lily had her trach, we had 106 hours of nursing a week (50 hours of day time nursing, and 56 hours of overnight nursing).  Now, after the trach, we only use 50 (all day time).  We could possibly use more, but we like not having someone in and out of our house constantly.  And, the extra 10 hours allows me to run errands, and to have a date night with DH.  I don't know how hard it would be to get in home care nursing starting with a G-tube and developmental delays (and no other issues), but it may be an option for you.  I'd suggest looking into your state's Medicaid waiver programs and if you have a social worker anywhere (through your hospital, or the county), elicit their help!

    2) I also have a friend whose son has CP and a G-tube.  She is a stay at home mom, but uses respite care (provided by nurses) to take her girls to their extra curriculars and to run her errands.  She uses about 10 hours a week, but I think she said she was approved for a lot more.  Again, utilize a social worker to help you in this process.
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  • Our state (VA) offers a medicaid waiver which offers attendant and respite care.  I'm not sure if your insurance would cover private nursing care but a waiver is worth looking into depending on your state.
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