Baby B is home!

I'm thrilled to announce that we are the proud parents of Bruce, born July 6, 2013.  He is 19 pounds of crawling, adorable awesomeness.  We are so blessed!  Thank you to each of you who have spoken words of encouragement, offered prayers and good thoughts, and supported us throughout this journey.

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Re: Baby B is home!

  • Congrats!!!!!
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  • Congrats!! He is beautiful!
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  • Spooko said:
    I can't think of anything I've ever wanted to press the love-it button more for than this! He's adorable and I'm so happy for you guys.

    Is Bruce the new name or the old name, if you don't mind me asking?
    Bruce is the new name.  The old was a unique spelling of Malachi.
  • Congrats! Enjoy this time as a new family!
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    I'm so happy for you!  He's adorable! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!
  • Love the name!!!
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  • Congrats!!!! Very exciting! I've got one the same exact age (couple weeks younger)- so if you have questions, give a yell!
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  • Congrats!
    Began the Adoption process 4/2013
    Home study Approved 12/2013
    .... and the wait begins! 

  • Congratulations!  I'm really happy for you.  I can't believe how fast this happened - what a wild ride.  Thanks for updating us and posting a picture. All the best to you and your new little family. 
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  • Congrats! He is adorable!
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  • Congrats!!! You look SO happy. Enjoy your bonding time!

  • Congratulations, Gnome Family!  He sure is a cutie pie!  I think Bruce fits him well!  SO excited for you! YAY!!!!! 

    And @CaptainSerious - best gif ever! 

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  • Congrats!
    Started foster to adopt application process January 2014
  • jalara48 said:


    I'm sorry that I don't know this, but how prepared were you guys with baby stuff? It happened so fast!

    He is so gorgeous!

    We had a shower in November, so we had most everything we needed, except bigger clothes and bottles. We made a run to Target and the hardware store (for babyproofing stuff) on Tuesday night. :)

  • Congrats! He looks right at home with you already!
    Birthmom to A, 1/8- the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

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  • I logged in this morning just for your update!! Congrats to you 3!
  • I am so happy for you and he is absolutely adorable. Good luck Mommy and enjoy every minute.

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  • How adorable! Congrats on your new son!
  • CONGRATS!!! So happy for you! :)
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  • Congrats!!

    After 1 IUI, 3 IVF's with CGH/CCS testing, 10 early miscarriages, and lots of tears and frustration, we are moving on to Domestic Infant Adoption!  We are so excited to see what the future holds.

  • Congratulations on your new addition!! I am so excited for you.
  • IRRIRR member
    Congrats Gnome, you both look very happy.

    Failed Matches - December 2012, May 2013, December 2013
    Moved on to  gestational surrogacy with a family friend who is our angel and due 7/23/15

  • How very precious!!  I am so excited for you, your husband, and Bruce!!
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  • Congrats!  You two look so happy together -  what a great photo to remember this time!  Hope your first few nights at home go well!
    TTC #1 9/11-12/12, 9/12 Dx: Hypothyroid + DOR (AMH .76), IUI #1 & #2 BFN's
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    10/13 DS home with us! 2/14 TPR completed  5/14 ADOPTION IS FINAL!
    3/14 Surprise BFP 11/14 DD is here!
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  • oh my GOODNESS - adorable, and you are glowing!   <3 to you

    DS born 8/2010 - preliminary stages of SN int'l adoption - fur mama to 2 shelter dogs;  cloth diapering, babywearing, EBFing mama

  • Woah I haven't been around in a while, looks like I missed a lot!  Congrats!!!!!

    5/10 - Gideon 6/12 Warren
    4/11 Started adoption process for 2 siblings through DCF. 10/12 Found out we are licensed! 12/14 Brought 3 week old identical twin girls home from the hospital.  Could be at least until Summer 1015 til we know if they are forever ours
  • Oh my word...he is so adorable!! Huge congrats to you!!
  • congrats gnome -thats awesome-sauce ! whoop whoop !

    DH= burn vic, abn sa MFI|| ME= PCOS, Sarcoidosis, Hypohyroidism HSG-OK
    tried naturally 2011 & 2012-
    TTC with nurse practitioner 2013
    2 clomid cycles- both bfn, started seeing RE 2013 
    MARCH-BFP (beta1;104-beta2;302)-bc of hsg
    [[all welcome !!!!!!!!!!!! ]]
  • Congratulations!!!!!!
    Blessed with 2 amazing little boys. One grew in my tummy and the other my heart.

    06/30/10 my 1st son was born on my birthday. 
    TTC #2 since 05/2011 BFP- Feb 2012, EDD- 11/01/12, m/c- 03/05/12 @ 5w+4d 
    12/20/13 my 2nd son was born and placed in my arms.
    Surprise BFP- Nov 2014, EDD- 8/06/215, mc 12/24/2015 @ 8w+6d
    SURPRISE - BFP- 4/8/2105

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