What do are items a baby needs that we sometimes forget about?

Ok, I want to start getting ready for my baby.  He or she (thinking more of she as of now) will be born late July.  I have been looking for baby gear, but was wondering if experienced moms or dads could tell me some items that are nice to have around.  So what are some items you wished you would have known about when you brought your bundle home?

Re: What do are items a baby needs that we sometimes forget about?

  • Car Seat
    Swaddle Blanket (or a blanket large enough to swaddle baby)
    Pacifiers if you opt. for them.
    Plenty of burp cloths
    Safe place for baby to sleep
    A&D ointment for those first few transitional BM's.
    Thermometer (anal for under 6 months)
    Nail Clippers
    Bouncer or swing
    Infant carrier to facilitate bonding
    Baby wash or some sort
    Basic Layette- gown, onsie, hat, mittens

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  • 1) The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD
    2) A ring sling or moby
    3) Good large swaddle blanket 
    4) Gripe Water (Woodward's brand)

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  • Only PJ's with Zippers. Snaps are not your friend at 2am.
    Also Dishwasher cages for bottles
    Butt Paste (it's a brand, buy it).
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  • Thermometer


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  • Nightlight(s) preferably with flexible arms for light direction for middle of the night sleep checks/diaper changes. We've actually been using a strong book light :-)

    The nail clippers with the light are easier to use than the ones with the magnifying glass.

    Something the baby can lie in that is portable so that the baby can be in every room with you without you holding him all the time. We used the little "newborn napper" cradle that came with the pack n play we had. 

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  • I love these ideas! I would have never thought of this stuff! I appreciate it!
  • You may want to buy some sensitive/baby laundry detergent (like Dreft) early on and start washing all the baby's clothes & blankets.  We even started washing our shirts with this detergent too just to avoid issues with our clothing irritating our baby's sensitive skin.  Also, don't use dryer sheets or fabric softener if you can avoid it!

    If you do have a boy, we found it really necessary to have a supply of changing pad covers (they come in 3 packs at Wal-Mart) & extra wash cloths handy.  Literally every diaper change for the first two weeks resulted in wild pee geysers if we didn't have a wash cloth handy to keep things under control :) 

    Also helpful was having a bassinet that we could keep right next to our bed & wheel out into the living room.  We didn't buy a special bottle warmer, and instead used a small crock pot that I can actually make use of once we're done with bottles.
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  • Wow I can finally use my small crock pot:). Great idea, I have a nephew who's geyser got me a couple of times, learned flipped diaper changes and wash cloths are my friends then lol
  • A white noise machine
    Mitts to protect them from scratching themselves
    Nose sucker
    Gas Drops
    Wipe Warmer

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