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DD saw the ENT yesterday.  Her ear drums are very stiff and hardly vibrate at all.  So, she's getting tubes.  And because she had a heart murmur when she was born that is apparently gone now, they will only put her tubes in at the hospital where her cardiologist is.  It's an excellent children's hospital so I don't mind.  It's just going to take a month or so to get her in because she HAS to go THERE.  

For those of you who remember my rant about the local assistant prosecutor, my dad heard something on facebook about some group or something that was trying to prove the local prosecutor's office is corrupt.  He gave me the e-mail address for this group so I e-mailed them yesterday and asked what their group was about.  This is what the chick e-mailed me back with:  

"We've been dealing with so much as far as Barry County goes. Former prosecutor Tom Evans has a freakish vendetta. Assistant prosecutor Jessica Payne has committed prosecutorial misconduct many times. Our goal is to get someone to look at how things are done in barry county how they seem to set their own rules and laws don't seem to apply to gathering as many complaints as possible were praying someone will finally listen"

Jessica Payne is who I had to deal with.  This chick went on to say about Jessica:

"Oh she's a problem. We have proof that she contacted a defendant via Facebook under a false name she admitted that in court but McDowell refused to do anything we have records of her giving false information to witnesses. We also have her threatening witnesses with jail time if they don't do things her way. Payne needs to not only be disbarred but also needs to be sent to prison for her antics"

Where do I sign up for this band wagon??!?!  Granted, I take what she is saying with a grain of salt, but still...

There was something else I was going to tell you guys but now I forgot what it was.  I hate it when that happens!

Re: Recent events

  • "There was something else I was going to tell you guys but now I forgot what it was.  I hate it when that happens!" ... story of my life right now. I've been walking around work with a stack of post it notes and a pen. 

    That is crazy about the legal drama. I'm so scared to start dealing with that. I'm 20 weeks on this coming saturday. So the lawyers and such have been a future imaginary thing. It's going to get here quick though.  What state are you in? 

    Now, heart murmur disappearing, isn't that a good thing in kids?  (I'm a vet, which obviously, species are different. But puppies can often have a harmless murmur when very young that goes away as they age.   I'd love to hear what they told you/how human babies are different. 

    Good luck with your dealings at the hospital.. glad you get to go to a great facility! 

  • Glad the heart murmer went away, and i hope the tubes help your little lady feel better.

    Wow to all the legal stuff! Keep us updated with that and Arias surgery
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  • Thanks!  

    The Asst. Prosecutor I dealt with wasn't for anything support/custody related.  I have a no contact order against BD and had a PPO over the summer that she refuses to enforce.  The family court judge I dealt with last week was ok, albeit a little aloof.  

    They detected Aria's heart murmur on an ultrasound when I was somewhere between 20-28 weeks.  Her pedi picked it up at her first well child visit and sent her to a cardiologist at DeVos Children's Hospital.  They did an u/s and a couple other tests and her doc up there said it should be gone by the time she was 6 months old.  Her pedi hasn't heard it in awhile so I assume it's gone.  The cardiologist said he didn't want to see her again until she's 3. 
  • Ridic! I can't believe how some people can get away with such bullshit.  Good luck with that! I hope it goes well!

    How long would she have to have the tubes?  My brother had tubes in his ears for a year or two before the doc took them out. He's got magical hearing now, he was like a musical prodigy before he decided he wanted to teach English to Japanese kids (in Japan).
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  • I think he said they would probably fall out in about a year.  Who knows if she'll need them again after.  
  • @tig594 my brother in law had a heart murmur when he was a fetus or baby or something which then seemed to disappear. He tried to enlist in the army when he graduated and it came up again during basic. He collapsed during one of the crazy 24 hour workouts. The doctors told him it shouldn't ever be a real problem and he could even finish basic if he wanted to. He was getting tearful from all the yelling (lol) so he chose to leave.

    I think he just keeps an eye on it now in case it ever happens again.
  • Aw.  That sucks.  Poor guy.  Hopefully hers is gone for good but I guess we'll have to wait and  see.
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