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Hi, everyone. My name is Garden and I am newly separated from my H. Wow. That sounded like a 12 step program intro. Which I guess it will be similar.
We have been together 8 years and married 5 1/2. He recently dropped the bomb that he wasn't happy. We did three months of therapy and last week he told me he just doesn't love me anymore. I am devastated. I still love this man with all my heart. 
We have two chikdren. A DS who just turned 5 and a DD that will be 12 weeks on Thursday. Yeah, I know you are doing the math. He dropped all this on me the month before I had our daughter. Douche move. He has made a few of those in the last few months. 
I have lurked the last few weeks and feel like I need to join in and give support to others in my shoes and hopefully get some in return. I am seriously lost and heart broken for my kids and myself.

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Re: Intro

  • Welcome! Join in were a very friendley buncg and always excited to make new friends.
  • We're a little crass but sometimes it what helps make us so lovable :D

    Sorry about what you're going through, but welcome to the board! Much love!
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  • Similar situation here, except I only have the five year old. XH and I separated in September after almost 9 years of marriage and 13 years together because he wasn't happy. He wouldn't go to counseling though. My heart goes out to you for what you're going through, especially with a new baby in the mix. Welcome to the board! This group of girls is wonderful. 
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    Throwing leaves <3
  • Hi!   :-h
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