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Birthday party WWYD?

DD has been friends with a girl she met at a gym class when they were 1 for about 3 years now.  The mom and I are teachers so we spend alot of time in the summer together, and last year the girls did a dance class together.  I hadn't spoken to the mom since the summer.  We tried to make plans over a school break in November, but she said her and her kids were sick, so it didn't work out.  DD has been asking about the girl.  I felt sort of funny contacting the mom because I knew the girl had a birthday coming up and I didn't want her to invite us out of pity or feel like she was put on the spot.  Well, I texted her anyway and right away she mentions the party.  We got together and she told me she forgot the invite and asked me to text her my address, which I did.  She talked about the party a bit and I made it sound like we we're going.  It's been about 2 weeks, the party is Saturday and the invite never came.  She's not the best planner or most organized, so it is possible she forgot.  I don't know the time or their address, it's a house party so not like they need an exact head count, so I do need more info if we're going.

WWYD?  I don't mind not going and letting it go, but I also basically said we're going, so I'd hate for her to think we're going and we not show up.  I enjoy getting together with them so I'd like to keep the friendship going.

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  • I'd text her and say you are looking forward to Saturday but are not sure of the time.
    I'd do find it a little odd that you were seeing each other a lot and now not for many months. Nothing happened?

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  • just because we're teachers so its easy to get together when you have months off, not so much when you only have weekends that you spend with family
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  • I'd text her. Just say you were wondering if the party was still on, and if so, what's the time and place? Awkward, but maybe she just forgot! I am not super organized.
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  • I don't know, I'd probably be more likely to just skip it, but it's hard to say without really knowing your relationship. My BFF is not organized either and I've had to confirm details with her for stuff like this, so I guess it does make sense to just ask her.
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