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Friends are awesome

I've been having a hard time lately, physically, financially, stressful shit at home like dog problems.

Today my SIL (who was coincidently my friend before she married my ex's brother) straight up gave me antibiotics, ointment, and supplies for my ex's dog whose toenail is infected. We can't afford to take her to the vet until Friday.

My best friend knows Im in recovery for an eating disorder and that it's hard for me to let myself gain. She told me tonight that even though she knew I didn't see it, I was one of those "skinny cute" pregnant people. That made me tear up like that damned Iams commercial.

And really my ex was nice today too. He pumped up my yoga ball for me and didnt complain when I brought home an "expecting dads" book from the library.

Re: Friends are awesome

  • Thats awesome!

    For what its worth i was the same way as you every time i saw myself gaining weight from bentley id cry because i knew i had to do it for him. I felt bad when i heard people tell me how small i was because i felt huge. Just remember your friggin beautiful!

    Glad you had a good day!
  • People kept telling me that my belly was huge. I didn't notice it. It's not until I look at a picture and see how big I was and then I'm like "how did I not feel that big?!" But most of my friends are guys, so they aren't so great with the tact. LOL.

    So happy you had a good day! :D
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