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Back pain

I am only 4-5 weeks and have been experiencing horrible back pain. This is my second pregnancy and I had some back pain with my son but not this early! The heating pad eases the pain but I am wondering if there is anything else like a chiropractor or something that would hopefully last longer. Anyone else experiencing this? Any advice?
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Re: Back pain

  • A chiropractor can definitely help.  Also a prenatal massage.  I had three massages during my pregnancy.



  • This thread is way old by now, but wanted to recommend my chiro for anyone in pain. I had terrible pain in my low back and pelvis starting early in my first trimester (this is my first pregnancy too), and my chiro has me nearly pain-free now. Plus, she's down to earth and has great bedside manner. Dr. Brill at Raintree Chiropractic is the way to go if you're closeby Lee's Summit.
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