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2 Year Old Preschool?

Just put DS on a waiting list for 2 year old preschool this fall at our local Rec Center.  Shocked to find one we could afford that started at 2.  Right now he's home with me in the mornings and with his Dad from lunch until bedtime.  We had thought he'd be in some sort of daycare already so I'm excited for him to go and be in a group environment more but DH is wondering how its going to work with him him just barely over 2 and other kids close to 3. September is a long way off, I think he'll be ready and its only 2 mornings a week.  Any preschool plans/thoughts?
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Re: 2 Year Old Preschool?

  • Better that he is with older children if you are concerned than younger. It's only two mornings a week. You want him to see other kids being happy to be dropped off to play at age 3 vs 18 months and younger when the separation anxiety can be at its worst.
  • my daughter started half day preschool a month before she turned 2 and my son is started in the fall he will be a little over 2
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  • No preschool plans :). Hope he has fun!
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  • I am sure he'll have fun. Both my nieces started part-time preschool at age 2, and they LOVED it.

    I am having the opposite anxiety.  We are considering taking DD out of daycare and having a nanny next year.  A nanny will work better for our schedules and will be able to pick DS up after kindie.  I know DD will miss school.  She loves her teachers and friends so much.
    DS born 8/8/09 and DD born 6/12/12.
  • I may be considering part time also when he's about 2.5.
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