So glad I went with a second opinion!

My first OB said straight up NO to my vbac. Literally walked into the room and said no without even talking to me.

I was so upset. I was talking to my vbac support group and they all encouraged me to look into a second opinion.

I went online and checked out my ican and local birth networks and reviewed there list of vbac supportive providers. (Surprise surprise my original ob was not there...) I found 1 name consistently being brought up and praised. Her reviews were amazig and she has a 90% vbac success rate!!

I scheduled a meet and greet with her today and we talked and she is completely on board with my trying to vbac! I'm so excited!

We also went over my concerns if
I do end up with a repeat csection and she was on board with my requests for those. (Skin to skin in the OR and keeping baby with me in recovery. Things I didn't get with my first csection.)

I'm so excited I did some research and got a second opinion. Sorry this ended up so long!

Re: So glad I went with a second opinion!

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