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DD is going to be an aunt!

Her half brother is coming over in a few with his GF to tell us how her 20 week u/s went today and whether she's having a niece or nephew.  He's only 19 and his gf is 17.  I'm still kind of excited but I think that is just way too young.  No offense to any young mommies out there.  I'm just glad he's choosing to have a relationship with his littlest sister when his dad was never there for him.  He is her only sibling. 



Re: DD is going to be an aunt!

  • Congrats to all! Bf is 19 years younger then his brother and they are fairly close.

    Also good for him for manning up and being a dad at such a young age.
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  • I knew a guy who had a kid at that age when we were all youngsters. We thought he had "ruined his life." He turned out to be a fantastic dad (his kid just graduated hs), and he even spent a lot of time being a father to his sons half siblings, even though he wasnt with the mom. He owns a business now and is doing really well.

    I also think its a great sign that your LOs brother is being there for your daughter.
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  • Congrats! :D  What's the word? Niece or nephew??
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  • Exactly we need to know
  • They are having a boy.  Kinda bummed but it's ok.  Now I can sell all DD's girly stuff and just save the gender neutral stuff for them.  Although I'm not sure how I feel about his gf.  They were together for like a month before she got pregnant.  She's very clingy and texts him ALL THE TIME.  She's about 20 weeks now so they've really not been together very long and she's talking about them wanting 6 kids together.  I told his mom yesterday that he needs to get a paternity test done and not sign anything until he does.  There is something else about her that I don't like that I just can't put my finger on.  So annoying. 
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    My eye twitches for him! I want to say shes a typical 17 year old. Buuuuut, i clingy is something people dont grow out of.

    Paternity tests are important! I hope he gets one. Even if its for his own peace of mind.

    Anyways, conygrats on the nephew for Aria and little boy for your brother.

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  • Well, the clingy-ness may just be because she's pregnant and wants to make sure she doesn't end up being a single mom.  But also, she sounds crazy. A month of being with him and now she wants 6 kids with him?  Did she stalk him first? LOL
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  • My vagina cries at the thought of six kids
  • It seems like for some teenagers having a kid is a reality check and they mature from it but for others it stunts them.

    I can't imagine what I would have done or been like if I'd had one that young.
  • Yeah.  I wanted ZERO kids until I was about 40.   :D

    I guess this girl is also bipolar and manic depressive.  I'm not sure if that makes someone clingy?  I dated a guy like that once and he was very self-destructive.  It was sad. 
  • Oh... Fuck... Don't leave her alone with baby.
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  • What @Roxalot said. This chick sounds like a molitov cock tail of crazy
  • You guys crack me up.
  • So this morning we find out the girl's mom kicked her out because she's an alcoholic and has been drinking everyday.  I don't know how true this is but I knew I didn't like this girl.
  • Like I said, keep her supervised.  My aunt is bi-polar and before we discovered this, she nearly killed my cousins.  And I hear a lot about post-pardum depression hitting bi-polar patients worse than those who are not bi-polar.  The alcoholism, if she's not currently medicated, is probably her way of medicating herself.  I would voice any concerns to your DD's half brother.  I don't know her and I'm freaked for you... 
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  • Wtf? This is aweful! Does arias brother know? Hopefully he pushes for the baby to be checked for fetal alcohol syndrom so they can plan for the future. Im sorry your instincts about this girl where right thats so sad for arias brother and for his baby.

    See if he can file for emergency full custody at birth so he can protect the child, also for what its worth. Bentleys step mom drank for most her pregnancy with his older brother and hes perfectley healthy with no problems. Hope your little nephew is okay!
  • My best friend has bi-polar 2 and my mom has bi-polar 1. 1 is more like schizophrenia and 2 is more drama queen stuff (i may have the numbers backward). My best friend was diagnosed as a teen and no one told her then she was diagnosed again in her 20s. She started taking lamictal and she's like a calm, adult version of her former self. When she's not on it she's clingy, bitchy, paranoid, and sometimes cries all day for no apparent reason. Shes barely functional and will drink and smoke weed to help her function. She says her parents not telling her or getting the bipolar treated caused her to waste a lot of years being miserable and acting foolish.

    My mom has been committed a couple times and was given ect the first time. She sometimes has delusions and often has really weird ideas. She's textbook "crazy" and my brother has to look after her full time. I think she's supposed to be on lithium but won't take it. She has always heavily smoked weed and I can see now its an attempt to self medicate. I don't agree with drugs, but she is so messed up that I have to admit that she seems more sane when she's high.
  • Ok, pay attention here.  DD's brother's maternal grandma (who's best friend's sisters BIL...just kidding) is a maternity nurse at the local hospital (yep, she was my nurse before I even met her daughter but I still knew who she was) so I am hoping she's going to step in at some point.  I might see them this weekend.  If I do I'll for sure be talking to her about this stuff.  
  • Glad youll be talking to her! And hopefully she steps in or has pointers
  • I'm in that exact situation! My fiancés son is having a baby, but he and his gf are 23. I'm so excited that my (quite possibly only child) 4 month old will get to have another baby around :)
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