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Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper Recommendations?

I am thinking about getting an Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper for Baby #2.  (Baby #1 slept in her full-sized crib next to our bed for the first 5 months, until we moved her into her own room.)  If you have any experience with these, I'd love your help!  Do you recommend them?

1) If I have big babies (#1 was 9 lbs + and #2 is measuring similarly) should I get the regular sized one?  (Is it bigger than the mini?)

2) How long did your baby sleep in it?  Baby #1 is still in the crib and will be transitioning to a toddler bed soon, but I don't want to rush her.  I'd like to have Baby #2 by my bedside for at least 3 months or longer, if possible.

3) Is this product something you can buy used off of Craigslist, for example?  Certain things I wouldn't buy used (a carseat, for one), but I don't think there would be any issues with buying this used?


Re: Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper Recommendations?

  • I used one for baby #3 and loved it! We had the mini and used it for about 6 months, she was a big baby. I did buy it used. We got rid of it but I plan on trying to find another used one for this baby as well :)
    Waiting on #4 to arrive :)
  • Thanks!  Good luck with #4!  :)
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