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Women Partners In Health, Who goes there?

I finally got a new obgyn at a different office. I am getting blood work and hopefully gender this week. Were you comfy during the blood work and who was your doc? Anyone see Vanessa Yium? I'm anxious and excited I'm finally moving along with doc visits(last office messed things up for us. Very disappointed)
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Re: Women Partners In Health, Who goes there?

  • I go there too! I have been seeing Dr. Wheis since 2006! My boss goes to dr. Yuim, she delivered both of her kids! Love the practice!
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    I go there! Dr. Nash was my dr for when I had my daughter, I would not suggest her - but I did switch to dr. Kung who is AMAZING!! She's at women partners in health too and I think she's newer there

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  • I go there and I don't like it. I am constantly waiting for unusually long times, the front desk is rude and unprofessional, the care is incredible quick and impersonal, they never return my email/calls...I like my Dr. (Reich), but the negatives have gotten to us so we are switching to a birth center instead. 

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    Swenson was are first choice. She won't be delivering any more ,starting this summer. So we didn't go with her.
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    Macaron- sorry. We have never waited longer then 10 min other then when we did paper work. We get in quick and out quick. Office staff hasn't been a problem.
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  • I am leaving wpih after my first pregnancy and delivery with them. I like dr Oliver, but her nurse is truly an idiot, and I waited at least an hour almost every appointment. Twice I had to leave and reschedule because I was waiting over 2 hrs and had to get back to work.
    Dr Reich did my delivery, which was not great and turned into an emergency c section. My whole family and my husband disliked her and felt she was just ready for her shift to be over and did not make me a priority. I will not be going back.

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    @Bluek. Sorry. I love Dr. Vanessa Yium and her nurse Sophia. There is one young lady there that weighed me last time and took my blood pressure I did not like. She weighed me and you could barely hear what she said my weight was and didn't even say what room. I bent down to get my sweater and looked up and she was gone(already in the room). Then when she took my blood pressure it took way to long. My arm started going numb, she had it so tight for what seemed forever. Other then her I love WPIH.
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  • We are only just out of our first trimester, but we see Dr. Oliver there and really like her so far. No trouble getting in quickly and getting a quick response.
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    I use this practice and actually switched to this practice since I moved to Round Rock in my 14th week from Houston. Dr. Nash is my doctor and I LOVE her and her nurse. She is a down to earth woman with kids of her own so she's been through it. We had some concerns early in my pregnancy and she handled the situation with care and was human with her answers, not just stating the facts. Dr. Oliver ended up delivering via c-section and she did an amazing job. I would highly recommend both of these doctors! The nurse practitioners are great too. I rarely have to wait in the waiting room for Dr Nash, but I also schedule my appointments at the beginning of the day on purpose.

  • I just started with Dr. Reich in August, and I have been extremely pleased with her and her staff. The nurse gets back to my calls quickly, and I found the front desk staff to be very friendly and professional. I haven't had many issues with long wait times, but as a medical professional myself, I know that often it cannot be avoided (and sometimes it means that the doc cares enough to spend the extra 10 minutes with you when you need it instead of rushing you out the door to stay on schedule)
  • I'm way late to this conversation, but I did have a pretty strong reaction to WPIH.


    I was actually really discouraged by my experience there with Dr. Reich. I think I saw her a couple times just for regular annual appointment-type things. She came highly recommended, and I had been frustrated with my previous doctor, so I had high hopes. My problem was that I felt I wasn't being taken seriously about my desire to talk about options and how to prepare for those options in terms of becoming a mom on my own around 35, if there weren't a promising relationship in progress. I got the, "oh, sweetie, you'll find someone...don't give up hope" reaction, which was completely beside the point.  I have always known I wanted to be a mom, and I knew the guy would come around eventually, but I didn't want to assume they would happen in the "traditional" order, so I wanted to know my options. Dr Reich was the second doctor who I felt blew me off, instead of saying something like, "the traditional timing will likely happen for you, but let's talk about your options for getting pregnant if the right man isn't on the horizon." 

    And...I found that in Dr. Phillips up at Austin Area OBGyn. We live NO WHERE near him (we're in South Austin), but I have always felt listened to and taken very good care of before my husband was on the scene and when we were surprised with a positive pregnancy test. My husband really likes him too. While I adore Dr. Phillips, I am disappointed that the two women I worked with didn't take me, as a woman making my own life decisions, seriously.

    As a side note, I met my husband at 34, we got married at 36. And now, after significant troubles getting here, I'll be 39 when I give birth to our (and my) first. So, the traditional order did end up happening, but either way I felt that I was with a doctor and was well-prepared even if that didn't happen. Dr. Phillips and his nurses are AMAZING, as are all the other doctors there I've seen when going in on weekends for IUI or shots or whatever the heck else I went in there for so many weekends. :-)

  • Hey there! Late reply, but Dr. Nash is my OB and I'm curious why you wouldn't recommend her. Thanks!
  • I'm in the process of leaving Dr Nash at WPIH because I have been very unimpressed with my level of prenatal care. She came highly recommended and a number of my friends see her for both OB + GYN services. I am now 25 weeks pregnant and certain that she still does not know my name without looking at my chart. She is extremely impersonal, stares at her laptop throughout my ENTIRE visit and makes me feel like an idiot when I ask a million questions. It's my first pregnancy and I have even told her that I need more details and a little more hand-holding from her. Girlfriend does not care. She works part-time and is basically checked out on a daily basis. 

    Dr Nash would be great if you have already had a kid and know the drill. She's honest and extremely competent. I have no doubt that my baby would be great hands with her. It's really me, the vessel for this kid, that needs a different kind of doctor. 

    I'm looking at Nurture + OBGYN North as options. Also tinkering with the idea of Dr Yium at WPIH, who seems to have a big following. Would love to hear any other insight from other Central/North Austin mommies-to-be! 
  • I am a patient of Dr. Summers and I have no complaints so far.  She is very patient and friendly.  She answers all of my questions with confidence.  I have some unique and rare health concerns and I can tell that she has researched them before my appointments. 
    She comes across as very smart.  At first I was nervous because she is quite young, but hey ya gotta start somewhere.  

    Ultimately I am happy that I am comfortable with her and I trust her.  

    Before I was a patient of Dr. Swenson at the same practice but she is no longer doing OB.  She is a great GYN though if you are ever looking for one.  

  • I love Dr.Ikbal there. Her team of nurses that she shares with a couple other docs are also great. They're caring, responsive, and very helpful.
  • I went to WPIH for ten years but after a horrible experience at my last visit I have decided to switch doctors . The wait at this place has always been long which I understand but I was appalled at how little attention I was given when my doctor finally made it in the room . I was trying to discuss fertility concerns with my doctor and she just brushed me off and rudely told me I was going to have trouble getting pregnant . When I had questions she acted unwilling to discuss them . I have since switched to Dr Seeker at Austin area ob and I love him and the staff .

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