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Need some advice from you working moms! Job interview!

Alright ladies. Here's what's going on...I have been working in my current position for a marketing company for 4 months now. I had noticed that there was a supervisor position posted for my department and thought that I would give it a shot because I felt that I was more than qualified due to my work history. Luckily, I got the interview! So..I had my first interview last week and they called me for a 2nd interview on Tuesday. This would be my first time in a supervisor role. So, I'm having a difficult time preparing myself for this second interview. I'm concerned about way questions will be asked. I was literally asked 4 pages of questions in my first interview. Maybe it will be questions along the same line? DH thinks that I am really stressing over this too much. Maybe I am...I really want this job and it will be so great for our family. Any advice?

Re: Need some advice from you working moms! Job interview!

  • Since it is a supervisory role bring examples how you would handle managing both people and difficult situations.    Talk about how leading by example is important also.   I may think of more and come back to edit but I have to run to a conference call right now....
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  • You may not have been a supervisor in a work role position but draw from examples where you have supervised in other capacities. Maybe any volunteer positions you have held. It may help to write down some key phrases or situations where you have supervised someone or something to help trigger your memory in the interview. 
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  • Start pulling together examples of times when you've managed other people, even if you haven't been their supervisor.  Be sure you have good examples ready if you're asked about how you've given performance feedback in the past, how you'd handle someone who needs to improve their performance, how you establish a culture for your team, and how you might handle HR violations.

    Good luck!
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