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Baby girl seems off. Just doesn't seem like her happy self. I've had a cold for 2 days and it has come and gone. She seems a little stuffy when she wakes up from her naps. But I suction her nose (which she loves lol) and she isn't stuffy anymore. But she's crying- and that's not something she normally does. Is it okay to give her Tylenol? She's 10 weeks old.
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  • Sorry your LO isn't feeling well. If she seems like she's in pain, I'd try to figure out the source of what's bothering her or call the pediatrician.

    If she just seems off, it may be a growth spurt/wonder week/any number of things. I would not give medicine unless there was an identified reason.
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  • My baby girl got a cold at 3 weeks, it was terrible. I did end up giving her some Tylenol at that time but I had called her pediatrician before I gave it to her. Probably your best bet is to try and not give the medicine to her and try to keep her happy with snuggles and such but if she gets really bad I'd call her doctor and see what they say.
    Good luck, I hope she feels better real soon.
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  • I agree, call the pedi first. Pain meds and medications should be given only if necessary and causes for her being off should be explored. Maybe her ear at this point? Could start as a cold. Hope your LO feels better soon !!
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  • I wouldn't give Tylenol without pedis recommendation. However, if she seems congested, you can use saline drops. We've been using them with LO, he has a cold now :(

    My pedi actually said to not suction after putting the drops in. He said it will dry out his nose. He said he will either sneeze and it will come out, or he said it's actually good for them to swallow it. I really was surprised by his answer, but glad I now know.
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  • Call Pedi.  If her symptoms have persisted for more than 10-14 days, it warrants a Dr visit for sure.  My LO ended up needing Tylenol and an antibiotic.  He had a sinus infection at 4 weeks that he couldn't shake.  Acted in pain.  I thought he may have had an ear infection.  
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