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Twins on top of each other in utero?

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I never really thought twice about the fact that my di/di fraternal twins are on top of each other in utero but one of my friends mentioned that may mean I am in for some heartburn and rib kicks down the road as they grow... which has me a little freaked out! Do twins eventually move side by side once they get to a certain size or is it possible for two fraternal twins to be stacked throughout the whole pregnancy? I would think they will run out of room in that position eventually? Has anyone experienced this, and if so, how did everything go?

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Re: Twins on top of each other in utero?

  • You're going to get kicked in the ribs no matter what position they are in.  It's part of the joy of having twins.
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    Just because they are on top of each other now doesn't mean much. Heck even an hour from now they may be side by side both head down! Mine flipped all over the place even at 34 weeks and I couldn't even feel it. My little Colton was a magician in there! But no matter what position you will probably have some super sore ribs and heart burn. My guys were about as low a low gets and even as I was pushing them out my heartburn was the worst pain of the whole delivery! And they wound up dislocating a rib and broke one on the other side. It wasn't very fun

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  • My di/di boys were one on top of the other and were never side by side. I didn't experience heart burn and I escaped the rib kicks because baby B was always transverse with his feet and hands aimed at his brother.
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  • My di/di girls have been side by side from the start. Both are breach so I get kicked in the bladder constantly. With DD though I was always getting kicked in the ribs and I had heartburn... I'm a already having heartburn with these ones too.

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  • Mine were in "bunk beds" until about the 14 week ultrasound. Now they are more or less side by side.

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  • Mine were never side by side. Baby boy was transverse and up high and baby girl was breech and kind of behind him. Almost like a T with the vertical line being farther back than the horizontal. Baby boy would kick all the time but I rarely felt baby girl.

    And I only got heartburn if I ate something that would give it to me normally.
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  • I had horrific heartburn. Awful.

    Baby A was frank breech and his bum was wedged down in my pelvis, so his head was kinda in the middle. Baby B would flip, but stayed always on my right side. Nobody lived on the left, except maybe a placenta or two.

    I have more stretch marks on my right side from baby B, too.

  • Mine are one in top of the other at 13w :)
  • My boys were in the bunk bed position until I delivered and had heart burn twice throughout my pregnancy. Rib kicks can't be avoided.


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  • My guys were transverse in every u/s until about 28 wks when they flipped to breech.  I never had heartburn.  And not to much rib pain- however when they moved- I sure felt it.

  • Forget being kicked in the ribs. Having a head jammed under your ribs is the worst. Jamie was "on top" of Simon the entire pregnancy. He was transverse for parts, breech for parts, and finally went head down during the 3rd trimester. Being kicked was far better than having a back or a head reducing my lung capacity. 
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  • My di/di boys were also in a bunk bed position for a while then baby A was head down on the right and baby B was jammed under my left ribs. I had my ribs kicked and my bladder punched, its just one of the joys of twin pregnancy. I had heart burn from day one of my pregnancy and it just kept getting worse as it progressed.
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  • Mine were bunk beds until about 20 weeks. Then, they were flipped all around until 30 weeks. At that point, they were like a "T" and stayed that way until birth. A was head down, and B was transverse.
  • Mine are side by side and have been for 2 mos. I'm short w very short torso and they can't flip. Both vertex.
  • Part of it has to do with how they're attached too.  Mine are "bunk beds" and I was told they won't change.  I'm over 26 weeks and it hasn't changed from the get go so I assume it won't.  My heartburn is very manageable with tums and/or zantac however I definitely have body parts in my ribs.  Obviously I don't know if i would have even if they were side by side though so oh well!
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