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Your favorite, LO's favorite (kinda GTKY)

What was your favorite as a young child and LO's current favorite:

Movie or TV show:
Nursery Rhyme or book:
Animal or Pet:

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Re: Your favorite, LO's favorite (kinda GTKY)

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    Food: Just about anything, she loves to eat.  If I had to choose though it would be yogurt.
    Movie or TV show: Team Umizoomi
    Toy: Klip Klop Princess Stable
    Song: Berzerk by Eminem
    Activity: Painting
    Nursery Rhyme or book: Llama Llama Red Pajama
    Animal or Pet: Her meow - Angus

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  • DS1's favorites: 
    Food:  apples
    Movie or TV show: Diego, Team Umizoomi, Blue's Clues, and Jungle Book
    Toy: ride on car
    Song: Jingle Bells or The Ants Go Marching
    Activity: playing outside
    Nursery Rhyme or book: Click, Clack, Moo
    Animal or Pet: Nala and Simba

    My favorites: 
    Food:  chocolate
    Movie or TV show: Jem
    Toy: barbies
    Activity: playing outside
    Nursery Rhyme or book: The Pokey Little Puppy
    Animal or Pet: I had a raggedy brown bear that I kept with me all the time

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  • My Food: scrambled eggs with ham
    Movie or TV show: Dumbo / Jem and the Holograms
    Toy: my skates
    Song: Vestida de Color De Rosa (mexican pola style song)
    Activity: playing outside all day long, mostly pretend with my sisters, we were princesses tryign to escape, college students having to clean our dorms, on camping trips and survival missions lol
    Nursery Rhyme or book: The Giving Tree
    Animal or Pet: never had a pet
    DS' Food: chicken noodle soup or hotdogs
    Movie or TV show: Despicable Me2
    Toy: Tranformers fire station house
    Song: Cielito Lindo (very traditional Mexican folky song)
    Activity: right now climbing and jumping on anythign and everything
    Nursery Rhyme or book: Buenas Noches Gorilla / Los Besitos
    Animal or Pet: no pet yet

    11.2011 - DS1

    02.2013 - loss at 6 wks

    06.2014 - DS2

    10.2015 - loss at 12 wks

    03.2017 - DD

  • Food:  tough call!  DD loves so much!  I'll go with fruit - specifically grapes, blueberries, strawberries and clementines.  But as a meal, she often requests mac & cheese and broccoli (girl can eat some broccoli!)
    Movie or TV show:  TV: Super Why  Movie:  yet to see one.

    Toy:  she loves her alphabet and number puzzles (or anything related to letters and numbers right now), ikea barnyard and little people doll house

    Song:  Jingle Bells  (we've had a hard go adjusting to Christmas being over...)

    Activity:  asking mommy or daddy to draw letters and numbers

    Nursery Rhyme or book:  ohmigosh, so many books!  she really likes "Give a Mouse A Muffin" series.  We also found a Super Why book at the library that she's practically memorized.  She also likes the "Biscuit" series.  She loves books.  

    Animal or Pet:  We have two cats and she loves both of them....but they keep their distance from her.  But she loves to find them when she wakes up and tell them "good morning!"  It's sweet.  I wish the cats could tolerate her a little more.  :(  She also loves dogs and wants to pet every dog she sees.  She's her momma's daughter - she loves all animals, really.

    No idea what mine were at this age... 
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  • Me-
    Movie or TV show: Beauty and the Beast
    Toy: Soft doll
    Song: No idea
    Activity: Taking my shoes off? (I'm not sure lol)
    Nursery Rhyme or book: Goodnight Moon
    Animal or Pet: I don't know.

    Movie or TV show: Monsters University
    Toy: Kitchen
    Song: 5 Little Monkeys
    Activity: Cooking
    Nursery Rhyme or book: Changes weekly but right now is Elmo's Play Day
    Animal or Pet: Monkeys.

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