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Infant Car seat- lightweight, narrow, Snap n Go compatible?

Hi.  Our infant car seat has expired and we will need a new one for LO #3.  We previously had a Graco SafeSeat and it was fine, very easy/user friendly and compatible with our Maclaren Snap n Go but HEAVY!  Any recs for a lightweight seat, that is narrow (I have a Sienna but DH drives a truck with a club cab so we'll need to be able to fit a convertible, infant seat, and booster across) that will work with our Maclaren Easy Rider?  From what I can tell online, the Chicco KeyFit should work......any feedback or alternate suggestions?  TIA!


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Re: Infant Car seat- lightweight, narrow, Snap n Go compatible?

  • If you are on Facebook check out the groups 'carseats for the littles' the techs there are great at helping people with seat puzzling!
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  • Chicco Keyfit is the smallest front to back. Graco Snugride 30 is lightest.
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  • The Graco Snugride 30 (Both classic connect and the new click connect) weigh 7.5 lbs.  
    The Graco Snugride 35 click connect also weighs 7.5 lbs.
    The Graco Snugride 35 (replaced the Safeseat) weighs 9.7 lbs.

    Honestly though, all infant seats get heavy so just go with one that is slim, like the Chicco or even the Britax B-Safe.
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  • Yeah, I think weight is a non issue on infant seats. Just get a snap n go and then you don't have to worry about it. The Chicco is awesome... Much better than Graco as far as style, quality, and installation in my experience.






  • We had a Graco Snugride 35 and loved it!  It got heavy to lug around about the time DS2 hit 18 pounds.  By that time I started leaving the seat in the car and wearing him or putting it in the stroller if he was sleeping.  I have a good friend who loves her Chicco Keyfit though.  I don't think you can go wrong with either.  

    Do you live near a BBB or BRU?  They will let you drive your vehicle up to the door and try installing whatever seats you are interested in to see how they fit. 
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  • amandaleigh1amandaleigh1 member
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    I think the keyfit is supposed to be the narrowest infant seat that will puzzle the best in a 3 across situation.

    If I ever get around to having a #2, I will get the keyfit and a liteway plus stroller. keyfit does also work with a snap n go. I used this combo.

    Also have a look at the Cybex Aton. It is often mentioned as being good at 3 across. It is expensive though.

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  • We have a Safety First OnBoard Air 35. It fits 3 across our Acura MDX with a Diono Radian and a booster. I use it with the Baby Trend Sit n Stand stroller.
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  • Angela814 said:

    We have a Safety First OnBoard Air 35. It fits 3 across our Acura MDX with a Diono Radian and a booster. I use it with the Baby Trend Sit n Stand stroller.

    It is a lot narrower than the Chicco. I love mine. I might try and get a pic at daycare tomorrow for you. Here's the review where they put 2 side by side.

    It is longer than most seats if there's not a lot of space between front & back seat that could pose an issue.
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  • We had a cybex Aton. It's German, has great ratings, but it isn't as well known as the big brands. We loved it. It is very light weight, locked into our city mini (it is compatible with all maxi cosi compatible strollers), and was a great seat.
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  • what about the Maxi Cosi Mico? Im not sure about the width, but its supposed to be realllly light!
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  • I have the maxi cosi mico and it's super light and easy to carry. Also is easy to install in our cars and fits three across. I got it from amazon. I love it!
  • I would also suggest maxi Cosi Mico
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  • We really loved our Chicco Keyfit. It was so easy to use and then we got the 'keyfit caddy' for the lightweight, snap-in style stroller. All extremely simple and pretty light weight. I think there is a website called 'Carseat blog' or something like that which is a good resource and also look at  This is my new favorite resource for all things baby related!
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