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6 month check up

Just got home and settled. Bentley is only 14 pounds and in the 5% but hes average height so what ever hes a skinny mini like his mom.

Hes got a small head like his dad. He did pretty well with his shots.

He got special cousin snuggles ftom his favorite cousin now hes eating a massive lunch and this momma is wondering if she can take a nap or is my friend going to actually show up.

We planned on 11 it is now 12:15 and i havent heard from her. Bentleyis getting tired and ill be pissed if i have to wake him up from a nap.

Re: 6 month check up

  • lol.  My sister is a Costco addict and sent me a case of pediasure.  Want it?  I told her DD can't have that until she's at least one (per the doc) even though the box says 2 yrs old.  I also told her it'd make DD fat.  She's in the 80th-90th percentile so she definitely does not need it.  

    Glad your LO did well with shots.  I remember when DD got her first set and she cried and cried and I cried with her.  It was a huge bucket of suck.  
  • Oh god, i think im good. dr isnt worried about my skinny boy. Im thin his dad was thin for a long time.

    Im a little sad bentley was more interested in cousin snuggles then mommy snuggles.
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  • My DD is also a skinny mini...she was just under 5th percentile around age 2 and even now is only around the 10th-15th. :) Which is funny to me because XH and I are not small all. Haha.
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  • Haha niether are my parents.
  • It's surprising how differently shaped and sized kids can be, especially when they're little.

    My mom used to ask me if I wanted French fries right at the moment when I was about to get a shot. You'd think I would have wised up to this but I never did. I think she even did it when I was a teenager. :|
  • I always had to look. Blood draws shots i have to look. I wanted to throat punch the flobotomist who did my blood draw for gd. I have huge veins i just do. He missed my vein three times. I had huge bruises that were super painful and looked aweful for a week.

    But every tattoo every piercing shot blood draw. Ive watched.
  • I, ugh, am not a needle person! Nurses do that "1...2...(shot)...3" bullshit with me. Lol
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