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I have a rare neurological condition which has been worsening throughout pregnancy. I was advised not to get pregnant at all and to "think long and hard" before even adopting. :/ Too many hard ciders last spring and the desire to "just finish up" with BD so I could go to sleep took that thinking long and hard part out of my head. Lol

Anyway so I just went in for a physical therapy consult and now I'm supposed to use a walker until my son is born in march.

I'm heavily tattooed, now 8 months pregnant, and I get stared at a lot anyway. It's not gonna be a lot of fun to roll around with a walker as well. Most people expect things like canes and walkers to be used by old people with an identifiable problem. When that's not the case they have a cognitive burp and don't remember to be polite.

Anyway, just another terrific thing about pregnancy. :/

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