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I'm coming from TTCAL. My DH and I have been married for 13 years. We have a DD (7) and a DS (3) and we have had 3 missed miscarriages with D&C's, losing 4 babies. We did fert meds and all the like and decided last May we were done trying. We decided to foster with maybe the hopes of adoption some day. We started MAPP in June and we had our first placement in September. Record time, I know. Turns out we became good friends with our MAPP trainer and we were always on her short list. So we have had one placement that was only with us for a week as he went on to therapeutic care. Then we had an infant that was only with us for a few days as he went on with family and now we have a 1 yo who has been with us for almost a month and he may be with us for a long time, maybe forever. 

So that's us! I do have some q's and opinions needed on some things but I didn't want to just barge on here! I'll post my most pressing issue soon :) 

DH, Jared 7/28/01; DD, Isabella Grace 11/28/06; said good-bye to baby 2 5/09 (11.5 weeks); said good-bye to Dakota Blu 11/09 (11.5 weeks); DS, Benjamin Cruz 12/6/10; said good-bye to babies 5 and 6 09/12 (8 weeks); baby "K" our foster son 11/28/12 came to us 1/7/14

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  • Welcome to the board! I'm sorry to hear of your losses, I can't imagine how tough that is! GL with the rest of your journey, and feel free to ask any questions, we are a very helpful and open group!
  • Welcome!
    Started foster to adopt application process January 2014
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  • Welcome! Thanks for sharing your story.  

    J&B // Married 9/19/09
    J: 28 // B: 32 

    TTC # 1 Since October 2010 (Not preventing since 2009)
    November 2013: Applied & Accepted by the Agency
    January 2014: Home Study, education class, Profiles
    February 2014: "Officially Waiting"
  • Welcome, you've been busy in such a short time! We got licensed around the end of September, early October and we've yet to get a placement. 
  • Welcome!

    5/10 - Gideon 6/12 Warren
    4/11 Started adoption process for 2 siblings through DCF. 10/12 Found out we are licensed! 12/14 Brought 3 week old identical twin girls home from the hospital.  Could be at least until Summer 1015 til we know if they are forever ours
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