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Pregnant after IF

****Third Tri Check-in 1/24****

This check in is for those in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. If you'd like to be added, please let me know your EDD and what you are expecting!

Congrats to mlamping, huskermama, Jezebel57 and Keephope2012!

Welcome to all the new 3rd Tri Ladies!


Jezebel57 2/4 (c section scheduled for 1/7) Twin Boys are here!

Lizrn1975 2/4 Boy

Golfrgal 2/7 Boy

BzeetyD 2/16 Team Green

Amb2013 2/16 Boy

BlueEyedDreamer 2/24 Boy


Roeni 3/7 Boy

katka512 3/9 Girl

daiseydooda 3/14 Girl

allisen86 3/16 Team Green

Balabusta 3/27 Girl


Karabear4409 4/3 Boy

Olenkapdx 4/6 Girl

Zazu13 4/11 Twin Girls

Imoverit 4/18 Team Green

Any Updates? Upcoming appointments?

Qotw: Have you settled on a name/names? How did you choose and are you sharing the name(s) before the big day?


Me:34 PCOS, one kinked tube, low thyroid.
DH:39 lower than average count.
Married 2006. 3 failed IUIs and countless BFNs.
~IVF#1: July 2012~
7/10 Retrieval: 16r, 14f w/ICSI. 7/15 ET: Transfered 2. 4 frosties.< Poas faint+ 4dp5dt.>
Beta#1 (8dp5dt): 138. Beta#2 (10dp5dt): 355.
u/s#1: (19dp5dt) 8/3/12 one sac, two yolks! Beta 8,000
u/s#2: two strong heartbeats! EDD 4/2/12
Boy/girl fraternal mono/di twins-- lost our sweet baby girl at 22 weeks due to SIUGR
Preterm labor at 23 weeks 4 days, lost our sweet baby boy.

Re: ****Third Tri Check-in 1/24****

  • Congrats to all the new moms, and welcome to those entering their 3rd tri! I'm glad you're getting over the flu, amb! Hang in there!

    I'm 35w4d today and getting ready to drive out of town for the weekend for my second shower tomorrow. It's been a busy week of washing baby things and putting everything in its place after shower #1, and now I'm ready for round 2! 

    I have my last u/s on Tuesday, and we can't wait to see our little man. I'm definitely feeling less and less comfortable in terms of aches/pains/etc. But otherwise things are going smoothly!

    QOTW: We're naming him after DH, who is "the third," so our little man will be "the fourth." Still trying to decide whether we'll call him by his first or middle name - I think we may wait to see what he looks like when we meet him to make the final decision. :)
    *** Trigger Warnings ***

    TTC #1 since March 2011
    Dx = Unexplained IF
    1 medicated TI cycle & 4 clomid IUIs = all BFNs
    June 2013 IVF #1 = 6 frosties + BFP!
    DS1 born 2/14

    TTC #2 since December 2014
    May 2015 unassisted BFP ended in m/c at 7wks
    April 2016 FET #1 = BFN
    June 2016 FET #2 = c/p
    August 2016 FET #3 = BFP!
    DS2 born 4/17
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  • Hi ladies! Can I be added? EDD 4/11/2014, 29 weeks today.

    Everything is going great so far. Definitely starting to get less and less comfortable and more and more tired, though the exhaustion might also be due to my increased hours at work (I'm a CPA).  Next appt is Feb 13 at 32w, then we change it up to every 2 weeks.  OB is doing a growth u/s at that point and we can't wait to see our little guy again!

    QOTW: We are naming him Tyler Nicholas. There's not too much rhyme or reason to this.  One of DH's favorite movie characters is named Tyler and I like the name (we picked this like 10 years ago) and we just like Nicholas and thought it sounded nice!

    **Warning - Child Mentioned**

    Me: 33, DH: 39   Unexplained Infertility

    4 IUIs (chlomid) in 2013 which resulted in DS born in April 2014

    TTC #2 since August 2015

    5 rounds of IUIs (1 chlomid: resistent, 1 femara, 3 gonal f) = all BFN

    ER March 9: 26 eggs retrieved, 19 mature and 17 fertilized, 8 made it to genetic testing, 4 normal!

    FET #1 5/31 = BFN

    FET#2 7/26 = BFP!

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  • Congrats to all the new mamas!

    Any Updates? Upcoming appointments?  Nothing really new- we have our next OB appt on the 29th and our 3rd growth scan ultrasound on 02/04 (fingers crossed that Turtle stays at (or even above) the 10%.

    Qotw: Have you settled on a name/names? How did you choose and are you sharing the name(s) before the big day? We have 2 names picked for a boy and 2 for a girl. The plan is to decide in the hospital...but we are pretty sure it'll be Michael if we have a boy.

    ***************************************Child mentioned********************************************

    Me 28 DH 32

    TTC naturally 05/2011-10/2012= All BFNs

    Nov 2012 Jan 2013 Clomid= BFN

    IVF #1 scheduled for April 2013 Stims started 04/09 ER 04/19/2013- 26 Retrieved and 24 Fertilized 3 day Fert Report- 10 are 8 cell ET cancelled-all embryos arrested at day 3

    IVF #2 scheduled for June 2013 -Transferred 1 day 5 Blast

    07/04/2013 HPT- BFP! Beta 10dp5dt-35Beta 12dp5dt-82 Ultrasound 6 weeks 4 days- Heart rate 123bpm!!

    image  image

    Team Green turned Team BLUE!!!

    Baby M born premature at 33 weeks 5 days, he spent 22 days in the NICU before coming home!

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  • golfrgalgolfrgal member
    edited January 2014
    38 weeks today, pumpkin!  

    I had an u/s at MFM yesterday to check on LO's growth...and am officially terrified of labor.  He measured at 8 3/4 lbs. with 2 weeks still to bake!  

    Today was OB appt. for cervical check---nothing happening yet.  He says LO is still pretty high and he isn't a fan of inductions or c/s unless absolutely necessary.  So I have to tough it out and see if LO starts to budge soon on his own.  I am so terrified of tearing and pain from a 10+ lbs. LO and I hope he doesn't get stuck on the way out!

    In the meantime, I am so uncomfortable.  My back hurts, I limp when I walk/waddle, and I'm afraid to drive anymore with such a big belly.  I'm pretty much feeling useless these days and am just waiting it out.

    QOTW: It looks like we'll be naming LO after DH.  So he'll be a "jr." but with a different nickname, so hopefully it won't be too confusing in the same household.  (DH doesn't like any name I suggest, so I caved in and conceded as long as they each get their own nickname).

    ETA: we are only sharing with certain people.  My sister is the only member of my family who is religious and she's apparently already flipping out in anticipation that we will name LO after a living person and that we'll circumcise at hospital instead of a bris.  It seems easiest to avoid confrontation by filling out the birth certificate before officially announcing.
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  • Can I join? My EDD is 4/11 and we're having a girl. I'm 29 weeks today and hanging in there, although my hips, pelvis, and lower back ache all the time now. I passed my glucose screening but found out I have anemia, so I'm taking iron supplements every day. I wonder if that's why I've been so tired the past couple of weeks, or if this is just normal for me now. :-) Next appointment is next Wednesday. QOTW: Our baby's name is Sophia Juliet. Sophia is in honor of my great-grandmother from Greece (and also my MN). I've always known that I would name my daughter Sophia. Luckily DH loves the name too. Juliet is because I'm a Shakespeare nerd and I think it's pretty.

    TTC #1 since 2011

    Me: 36, anovulatory PCOS; DH: 34, fine

    Sophia Juliet conceived through IVF and born April 15, 2014

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  • 34 weeks and my next appointment is next Friday. I'm still feeling good most of the time and can't complain! I've noticed I'm hungrier these past few weeks. We have a "life with baby" class all day tomorrow. I've had experience with babies but DH has not. QOTW: we are naming him after DH but will call him by his middle name. We have two choices we like and will pick one when he's born
  • Any Updates? Upcoming appointments?

    29 weeks today with twin girls. I failed my 1 hour glucose, but got the call today that I passed the 3 hour. Relief! I have a shower tomorrow and didn't want to have to pass on all the goodies that will likely be there ;) We are having appointments every 2 weeks now.

    Qotw: Our girls are Sasha Claire and Ellie Jo. We are sharing and have already received some very cute monogrammed items.

    Age: 35 TTC since 2005, MFI & DOR 

    IVF #1 Sep '11 - canceled poor response

     IVF #2 Nov '11  8R/8M/4F 3dt x2 - chemical

    IVF #3 April '12  11R/6M/4F 3dt x2 - m/c

    FET #1 Aug 2012  3dt x2 - BFN

    **new RE**

     IVF #4 Jan '13 BFN 11R/6M/6F 5dt x2 - BFN

     IVF #5 July '13 16R/10M/10F 5dt x2 + 1 frostie

    9dp5dt Beta 1 = 344!! 16dp5dt. Beta 2 = 4822 7wk u/s= 2 heartbeats!

    Twin girls! 3/6/14


  • olenkapdxolenkapdx member
    edited January 2014

    Hi all!  hope everyone is feeling good.

    Any Updates? Upcoming appointments?

    Lotsa back issues this week.  I blame it on overdoing it on my day off on monday: hunching over my sewing machine and cutting table for hours, going to the gym, grocery shopping, etc., etc.  On the plus side I have been sleeping great!  SO and I started our childbirth classes this week.  His comment after class:  "Why would anyone NOT get a c-section?  Just to get it over with!" :)   Have an u/s this week to check where my placenta is at. 

    Qotw: Have you settled on a name/names? How did you choose and are you sharing the name(s) before the big day?

    We came to an agreement on a name on New Year's day (barring any last minute changes of mind).  First name is one of my paternal great-grandmother's, and MN is my maternal grandmother's.  Not sharing until she is here!

  • Wow lots of babies being named after daddy. So sweet.

    Im 28 weeks now and have an u/s mon for cervix ckeck and baby growth. Cant wait to see LO again.

    QOTW. If its a girl it will be Julia and if its a boy it will be Luca. MH is Italian. We didnt go with the original Guilia spelling because I didnt want her name to be butchered in school. :)
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  • Can I be added? Due 4/11 with boy/girl twins.

    I'm 29w2d today. Things are going well. We start 2x a week appts next week.

    Qotw: no official names yet. We want to meet them first. We do know we will use dhs name and my middle name for their middle names and I think we'll name our boy after our dads who have the same first name. Jury is out on the girl first name though.
    "Everything will be alright in the end. So if it's not alright, it is not yet the end."
    Me:29 DH:29  TTC since 1/11 Dx: unexplained IF/early DOR/immune issues 
    Feb'12- July'12-testing(all clear minus slight arcuate ute), 3 IUI with clomid all BFN
    8/30IVF#1 Antagonist protocol- ER 9/11-8R, 7M, 5F. 
    ET 9/14 2 embies transferred. 1 10cell Grade 4, 1 8cell Grade 4. No frosties. BFN
    IVF#2 Antagonist protocol plus baby aspirin- ER 12/5-16R, 12M, 8F!
    ET 12/10 5dt! 1 fully expanded blast & 1 early blast. No frosties. BFN
    3/13 hysteroscopy & polypectomy, 
    Consulted w Dr. Kwak-Kim.  
    DX: High NK cells, cytokines, DHEAs& PAI1;  hypothyroid, +APA, restricted bloodflow
    7/13 IVF#3 Long lupron protocol with PIO, Crinone, Prometrium, and vivelle
    (plus synthroid, metformin, baby asa, metanx, PNV, Vit E, D, calcium, fish oil, CoQ10, IVIg infusions and lovenox per Dr. Kwak-kim)
    ER 7/19 14R, 11M, 9F(4 natural fert, 5 with ICSI)
    ET 5dt 7/24 2 fully expanded blasts.  SURPRISE 3 FROSTIES!!!
    Beta #1 8/2 335!!!! Beta #2 829!!!  1st u/s 8/14 showed TWINS!!!!!
    11/11: TEAM PURPLE!!!!!
    3/21/14-L&W born at 37w via csection

    Here Comes the Sun Blog
    PAIF/SAIF welcome!
  • I'm 38+5 today (Sun)!! I can't believe it; it feels like I've been pregnant forever. I guess since we've all known from before conception, it can definitely drag. Feeling good, but done. I've been 3-4 cm for over a week. With mixed feelings I'm actually going in tomorrow eve to be induced on the unit where I work so my OB and my best friend (RN) can care for me. I would wait it out a little longer, but I've been on leave now for a week, and I don't want to use up anymore time waiting.... So it looks like our little guy will be here probably on Tues!! Crazy.....

    QOTW: "Joshua"; it's a name both my DH and I liked, DH is also a "J" name as was his father and is his brother, and then we're using "Edwin" as his middle name which is my Dad's first name. So his initials will be the same as my DH, his father (died when DH was 11), and his brother. 

    I will keep everyone posted!!

    Have a good week ladies!!

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  • Hello all of you lovely ladies! No big updates for me. 31 1/2 weeks and still feeling great! I'm just waiting for the swelling to start. Tomorrow I get the nursery furniture so I'm pretty excited about that! QOTW: We are naming our baby girl Eliana Isabelle. In Hebrew Eliana means G-d has answered. The E and I are named after my husbands grandmother and my great aunt that passed away.
    **TTC since April 2010**
    DH diagnosed with moderate MFI, low everything, me low AMH
    3 IUI's and 1 IVF all BFN's, almost gave up hope
    June 2013- One last IUI for the heck of it... BFP! Complete shock!
    April 2014- Eliana- In Hebrew means The Lord has Answered! Welcome to the world my miracle baby!

    September 2016- Surprise BFP without medical assistance! New Baby due June 2017!
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