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On back of the below DC thread...what are your 1 year olds doing?

With the thread below about switching rooms at DC it got me thinking. What do your 1 year olds do at DC? I wonder if I am not pushing enough to find out about activities, etc. I know they do finger painting because I have been sent home a few projects with pictures of him painting. When I get the sheet at night with a recap of his day....it usually says the same old thing. We sang our ABCs, we practiced walking...occassionally it will mention circle time...and more than once its mentioned "Tried to steal my friends snacks." (oops...) I am just wondering if they are doing the same thing with him that they did at 6 mos old...and if I should push for more. He has a mix of little babies in his room and kids slightly older than him. So I am just not sure if I should ask for him to be moved up to a more stimulating room...thoughts?

Re: On back of the below DC thread...what are your 1 year olds doing?

  • Similar to the above - there is circle time and an activity every day but those are both brief in the toddler room (the finger painting you mention would be an activity, for instance, and circle time might be reading a couple of toddler/board books).  They go outside at least once a day, have lunch, snacks, nap, and a couple of "free play" periods.  With toddlers there is not going to be a ton of organized activity because they don't really do that.  One thing that our day care does that is good is to introduce new toys, sensory items, climbers, etc. all the time so that during free play they are exploring new stuff. 
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  • In young toddlers they do outdoor time twice a day weather permitting, play in "fascination station" which is basically free play in a different room, read books, sing songs, art projects, try to learn colors and shapes. They also are working on transitioning from baby to toddler things- sitting at little tables and chair for meals, sleeping on a mat instead of crib, no bottles. I think at this age it is mostly playing and learning social skills like don't bite your friends, no hitting, share toys, etc. as they get older they learn more educational type things.
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  • When DS was in his old room they'd do the following at least once a day: play with water/sand table, do an arts/craft activity, go outside.  That's about it.  They had tons of toys and books so DS would go and explore those on his own quite often.  Between 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack) and a 2 hour nap there wasn't too much time for a lot of activities.
  • DD has a new teacher, who is also the AD for the infant/toddler program.  She is really enthusiastic.  It's a bit much for me, honestly.  DD is happy just playing with the other LOs, running around, climbing, drawing with markers, listening to stories, and singing songs.  They also do special "all-school" activities like holiday parties, parades, fire truck visit, puppet truck visit, etc.  They have water play 1-2 days week in the summer, and do other sensory activities during the winter.  Meals and nap time take up a lot of the day.
    DS born 8/8/09 and DD born 6/12/12.
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