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DC - asking to switch rooms (long)

DS (18 months)'s DC has 2 toddler rooms (T1 and T2), both are for children from 18 - 36 months.  DS goes to DC 3 days a week and has just started in the T2 room.  I really dislike it.  The room is darker and has less equipment (though the director assured me that the 2 rooms are the ssame).  We have webcam access to both rooms and DH and I have been watching pretty consistently throughout the past 2 days.  The teachers in T1 appear to be more engaged with the children.  They have circle time and the teachers sit at the little tables and do crafts with the children.  Whereas in T2, the children just run around and the teachers always appear to be chatting with each other or filling out forms.  DS was left at the table for close to 1.5 hours yesterday afternoon during/after snack time.  It was only his second day in that room so understandly he may not want to do much, but I thought at least one of the teachers should have tried to engage him instead of letting him sit there for 1.5 hours.  Eventually I got so frustrated with watching that on webcam I just went and got him early.  Before you think that I'm a total freak, DS has been at this DC for 9 months and yesterday was the first time I felt terrible having him there.

Anyways, long ramble aside - I went to talk to the director yesterday and asked that DS be switched to T1.  She asked why, and I didn't have a very good answer.  Other than the 2 days' observation (which may not be repsentative), I just don't have a good vibe abou it.  The director was nice and said that if I felt strongly about it, she'd do her best to make the switch, which probably wouldn't happen till February or March.

On one hand, I don't want to hur the current teachers' feelings - DC is hard work.  On the other hand, I just really don't feel good about T2 and like I said, this is the first time I felt bad leaving DS in DC.  Should I just trust my mommy instinct and push to have him switched?

Re: DC - asking to switch rooms (long)

  • I agree with PP. Bottom line, if you arent comfortable then a change needs to be made and thats OK...after all you are the mom, you dont need to appease day care. That being said,..can you have a talk with the teachers and just say that DS is used to being engaged, I prefer that he gets some one on one time with teachers, as opposed to playing alone or entertaining himself. then give it a week and watch on the webcam. they know they are being observed, so they really should be better about that.
  • 18-36months is a pretty big age group, are both classes a good mix of ages? Or is one class more the younger kids and the other the older kids? That could definitely explain differences like circle time. I think it's crazy that they left your son at a table for over an hour. My kids would never sit that long ever. I would definitely address that with the teachers. I would ask about their shedule and why the teachers are not doing crafts with the kids. Considering your son will be in this age group for a long time, I would explain to the director why you want him switched. Good luck!
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  • I would ultimately trust your gut but also try and find out some more information about the T2 classroom.  Ask the teachers what activities they do with the kids and what the daily schedule is.  Also, tell them that you noticed your DS sitting at the table for a long time and ask how he is transitioning.  I would at least get an explanation from the teachers before making a decision but if you still don't get a good feeling, push to have him moved.  I also agree with @jf198400 and would speak to the director about your specific concerns and perhaps changes could be made in the room itself.
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  • Both groups appear to have a mixed age group.  I was bothered that DS was left sitting by himself for over an hour, but that alone wouldn't make me want to switch because I understand that he is a stubborn little guy and maybe he was apprehensive about the new room and just wanted to sit there.  What did bother me was that the teachers did not seem that engaged with any of the other children either.

    When I talked to the director yesterday, she said that she has never had a complaint about T2.  I made it a point not to say anything negative about the teachers yesterday because I didn't want to unfairly critize them since I've only been watching for 2 days.  I'm just worried that even after I point it out and the teachers do become more engaged with the children, it'd only be for a short time.  I don't really want to keep monitoring the webcam. 

    That's why I was wondering if it's better to just push for a switch without being very specific about the reason (since again, my observations may not be all that accurate and I don't want to cause trouble at the DC).  LOL.  You can probably tell by now I'm a VERY non-confrontational person.  :P

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