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Chandelier questions!

For those of you who have a chandelier in your nursery:  

Where did you buy it? 
If you hardwired it, was it difficult to install? 
And is it bright enough?

I've been eyeballing the Bella chandelier at PBK...but I've also seen some on Amazon that I like too.
Any tips, pics, or recommendations are appreciated!  

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Re: Chandelier questions!

  • We have the Mia one.  My dad hardwired it for us.  (He's a former builder/engineer)  He also hooked it to a dimmer switch.  Definitely put whatever light you choose on a dimmer!  It puts out tons of light when on all the way.  And just beautiful.  We love it.

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  • We have one from Ikea.  It was around 40 dollars.  I love the PBK ones, but they were way too expensive for us.  

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  • We got one as a nice gift from the grandparents from Restoration Hardware. It was not too difficult to install and was definitely bright enough, but make sure you look at what the light output you will have with any particular one.
  • We don't have a chandelier in baby's room, but I wanted to chime in as we have a 1916 house and are always sourcing items for it. eBay and are GREAT places to find beautiful chandeliers. There are vintage, antique and new ones and are just unique and cool.
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  • we have the ikea one. It is not on a dimmer. We have a nightstand with a side lamp for when I want/need the nursery darker.

    My husband is an electrical engineer and installed it. I think the biggest pain for him was shortening the length of it to get it closer to the ceiling.

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