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Video monitor for 2 Rooms

Hi! I'm due in April and will have 2 under 2 (gulp). We currently have the Motorola video monitor which we can buy a second camera for, but can't view both rooms at same time. My bigger issue is that you can't hear both rooms unless you manually switch between or use Scan function which I don't know too much about. What video monitor do you recommend for 2 rooms?

Re: Video monitor for 2 Rooms

  • Our baby hasn't arrived yet, but we got the Motorola video monitor with two cameras. We have no problems using the scan option. Every few seconds it switches to the other camera. I love it! Have you tried using yours? Maybe since we just got ours it's a little different, but I bet if you give the scan function a try you might like it.
  • We have the Summer Infant Baby Touch which also has the scan function and that's what we use.
    We contemplated getting a second one just to have 2 receivers and because I saw one cheap (it's now an older model), but it still wasn't *that* cheap.
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  • We have the Motorola. The scan feature is just fine. My LOs are 14 months apart and we've never had any issues.
  • Thanks! I guess I just wasn't sure exactly what the scan feature was all about. We are definitely going to get the second camera. I really like the Motorola video monitor and have been using for 14 months.
  • We have the Motorola and just scan between rooms.  It switches every 8 seconds I think.  Love our monitor but I will say that we're coming up on 2 years and we can no longer use it for more than 10 minutes unplugged before it dies completely.  I'm a little disappointed in that but will admit that I haven't looked into whether we can get a new battery for the handheld unit.
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