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First off, let me just tell you that the chicken in my Stouffers fettuccine alfredo tastes like ass.  '

So, court today.  I waited 3 hours for 5 minutes in front of the judge because BD's attorney never got notice and was in another town at another hearing.  He never did show up.  All they did today was set a temporary support order.  And yeah, BD was there which was a surprise.  Orange isn't really his color.  He looks like hell all unshaven and needing a haircut.  I'm sure he didn't know he was supposed to be there either.  I think the court notified the jail to bring him.  Anyway, all the other stuff will probably be postponed until bonehead gets out of the pokey.  And they only went back to August which pisses me off because I filed for support last March when DD was born.  They will probably also waive the support he racks up while in jail.  We'll see.  I didn't make eye contact with him because I didn't want to encourage him to start calling again.  I feel kind of like a coward.

Moving on.  I pick DD up from day care and she once again smells like she bathed in perfume.  I called day care and talked to the asst. director about it.  I'm really not trying to be a bitch or "that mom" who complains about stupid shit.  However, I can't take the smell anymore.  I also don't think it's healthy for a baby who's been on and off a nebulizer to be subjected to that stench.  The asst. director says she knows exactly who the guilty party is and that the director will have to talk to her tomorrow because she isn't receptive to the girl I'm talking too.  Ok, fine.  Not 30 minutes later the "head teacher" in DDs room (odd calling them teachers for a 9 month old) starts texting me about how the other girl was putting Aria's lotion on her right before I got there.  I like the head teacher and she babysits for me when day care is closed so I just kind of let it go with her.  But I KNOW it's perfume, not lotion.  And it kind of pisses me off that they didn't handle my complaint a little more discreetly, like, I dunno, not mentioning it was me!  Geez.  

Did I mention my chicken tastes like ass??

Re: Today's events

  • You need a hug and a striff drink.
  • or baby snuggles.  dd just konked out on me.
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  • Well baby snuggles are pretty amazing
  • What a day you had! I hope you got a good night's rest and are feeling better this morning.
    FWIW, I don't think you're a coward. I wouldn't have made eye contact either. And you're right, they definitely should have handled the daycare issue more discreetly. I'm also sure that you know the difference between baby lotion smell and a gallon of perfume!

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  • 20thirteen20thirteen member
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    No, I don't think you're a coward either. 

    And that's bullshit about the daycare.  I would research other daycares and then the next time you pick up your DD and she's covered in that perfume, tell the director that you're looking at other daycares, that you're tired of not being taken seriously.  There is a HUGE difference between the light fragrance of baby lotion and a person who feels the need to dump a bottle of perfume on themselves to smell "pretty".  See if they take that bait and do something about it.  Or if they seem unrepentant, then at least you have another daycare in mind... 
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  • I agree with roxalot about dealing with the daycare. Also its not cowardly to avoid eye contact when i was getting ready to go to court with xh about my restaining order against him my lawyer advised me to avoid eye contact.
  • Thanks ladies.  I have no doubt the director will address the issue today.  I just wish they wouldn't have brought my name up.  I mean, between the full-time and part-time kids there are enough in there where it wouldn't be easy to figure out who complained. 

    As far as BD is concerned, I really wish there was a way to figure this out between us and not spend a zillion dollars on lawyers.  I'd be happy to talk to him about it if he could be rational and stop making false promises to me.  Every time it's the same old thing.  My concern now is that when he does get visitation, and he will even if it's court supervised, I want to avoid having to drop DD off to a stranger which is what he'll be when the time comes.  She'll be unhappy and he'll be frustrated and sad that she doesn't remember him.  If there is a once a week visit it will take forever for them to establish a bond.  She's just too little to understand it.
  • Im sorry tig. Hugs! I hope it gets better
  • Thanks!  I'm ok.  Just having a bit of a stressful year so far.  It'll get better, right??
  • it will after everything gets sorted out
  • All that really sucks. Tomorrow will be better.

    I'm frequently disappointed by frozen fetachine. I have to eat gluten free as well so gf fetachine is even worse.
  • All that really sucks. Tomorrow will be better.

    I'm frequently disappointed by frozen fetachine. I have to eat gluten free as well so gf fetachine is even worse.
  • Some gluten free food is aweful! Some is amazing. I love quinoa its fantastic
  • beccaga16 said:
    I would try to stay strong on the support date. AND being in jail is a "voluntary" absence and I think it is crap that they would wait for him and/or waive his support from prison. (This is one thing I love about my state! They would not do that unless I specifically asked)
    I think it really sucks that some states allow support to be waived while someone is in jail.  It's not DDs fault her dad makes stupid choices when he drinks so why should she be penalized for it?  It's like a reward for being in jail.  
  • All that really sucks. Tomorrow will be better. I'm frequently disappointed by frozen fetachine. I have to eat gluten free as well so gf fetachine is even worse.
    I couldn't imagine having to go gluten free.  I try to be sugar free or very low sugar as much as possible due to the diabetes.  That's hard enough!   I indulged in my frozen pasta the other night because some days you're just too busy or too tired to actually cook.  Those days are numbered, though, as DD is eating more and more of my dinner every day.   :@)  I really want her eating healthier home cooked meals as often as possible.
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